Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How Far We've Come

Here's an update on Raft3r's 100 Things To Do Before I Die list:

1. Get out of Baltimore alive.
2. Skydive.
3. Get married in Boracay.
4. Purchase a condo, preferably near work.
5. Switch to Blu-ray.
6. Be interviewed on TV.
7. Write a book. I can’t help but laugh at the idea.
8. Have kids. Twins would be awesome. Cute ones, please.
9. Take life more seriously.
10. Watch Aj get married.
11. Have an encounter with Martina Hingis.
12. Be in a movie. I can act.
13. Play tennis with Patrick Rafter.
14. Be debt free.
15. Work for the United Nations.
16. Catch the US Open live.
17. Stop procrastinating.
18. Have 7 girlfriends at the same time.
19. Lie consistently.
20. Dress appropriately for my age.
21. Own an island in Palawan.
22.Practice yoga.
23. Take mom to Europe.
24. Stop annoying my next door neighbor.
25. Visit M&M in Australia.
26. Be invited to an orgy.
27. Lose weight.
28. Adopt a chow chow.
29. Learn to play a musical instrument.
30. Be allergy free.
31. Live in New York.
32. Become a vegetarian.
33. Learn to love enemies.
34. Be the voice of my generation.
35. Stop plotting my revenge on high school bullies.
36. Blog more.
37. Run naked in a very public place.
38. Be responsible.
39. Search for the perfect smoothie.
40. Wake up early.
41. Drive responsibly.
42. Be abducted by aliens.
43. Eat sensibly.
44. Get mobbed by fans.
45. Buy my nieces a pony.
46. Finally tell my folks about the Picanto.
47. Become a sports commentator for Wimbledon.
48. Stop complaining.
49. Pray more.
50. Learn to commit.
51. Be practical.
52. Send apology letters to all my exes.
53. Meet Jodie Foster.
54. Go to Graceland.
55. Invent something.
56. Visit Batanes.
57. Get certified for diving.
58. Sex on the beach.
59. Have my teeth whitened.
60. Buy a MacBook.
61. A dinner party with Hannibal Lecter, Dana Scully, and Stewie from Family Guy.
62. Have a Google page ranking of 10 for The Deadbeat Club.
63. A vacation in Tokyo.
64. Learn to ski.
65. Have Hugh Hefner’s lifestyle when I turn 50.
66. Stash more cash in the bank.
67. Learn to say no.
68. Complete the entire Janet Jackson catalogue. She’s HOT!
69. Buy stocks and bonds.
70. Start jogging.
71. Become a rock star.
72. Get paid to talk.
73. Eat at IHOP everyday.
74. Sleep all day.
75. A rest house in Tagaytay.
76. Make my country proud.
77. Witness a Marian apparition.
78. A picnic at Central Park with the entire Friends gang.
79. Run a marathon.
80. Engage in charity work.
81. Learn to surf.
82. Curse more.
83. Inspire others.
84. Put up a rehab center for DVD addicts.
85. Have breakfast in bed with Angelina Jolie.
86. Be a ball boy at the Aussie Open.
87. Persuade Denise Richards to give up acting.
88. Grow a full beard.
89. Pick up a new language.
90. Read more.
91. Spend less.
92. Recycle.
93. Start answering my phone calls.
94. Get rid of negativity.
95. Stop making up stories just to make my life more interesting.
96. Hold a giant anaconda. That’s no gay talk.
97. Take a trip to Africa.
98. Learn something from this 11 week training in Maryland.
99. Know how to change tires.
100. Be funny as hell.


Wendy said...

Nos. 26, 45 and 52 - Hehehehe. Totoong ponies? Waah orgy, reminds me of that scene in the The Vinci Code ata yun. 52 - I hope they forgave you:)

Raft3r said...

wendy, Toy ponies. Hehe. Pero dinamihan ko naman ang bili. Hehe.

bena said...

paki-explain itoh!

PS: ill be going through your posts tomorrow para maka-join.. sana manalo ako para maging kaamoy ko na si Sarah! hahaha! vi-a-v! ;)

crazyshy said...

I added you already... Hope you will add me too. thanks for the visit. I have a tag for you...

Raft3r said...

bena, No explanations needed na. Update lang po. Hehe

crazyshy, Thanks 4 the link. Added you, too.

hitokirihoshi_kawaii said...

naks ! may development ha... nakakaloka! pero tingin ko matagal ka pa mawawala... dami pa eh, baka naman lolo ka na kapag naging matinee idol ka... pero sige malay natin, mapanood ko na lang si rafter tumatakbo sa beach na parang sa "baywatch" movie... naka naman!!!

vhincent said...

90 more to go! how bout yung orgy? toy din ba? hehe

Anonymous said...

7 GF at the same time? sakit ng ulo ang hanap mo, hahaha. sama ako sa kasalan sa boracay at bisita sa batanes!

Wendy said...

Ah kala ko may hacienda ka na sa Malibay eh.LOL

len said...

I keep a list, too, in my diary and I would put a check every time I fulfill one.

Nothing beats the feeling of being able to do what you like and love to do, right? ;p

liza said...

what about the picanto? ndi ko alam yun ah.

Jas said...

Let's turn this one into a poll.
Feeling ko, last to be stricken off the list yung Become a vegetarian.

Raft3r said...

hitokirihoshi_kawaii, Ako ang magbabalik ng Baywatch. Nyahaha

vhincent, I got invited to one online. Galing nga, eh. Hehe. I wanted to be invited lang naman. I didn't say I wanted to go. Hehe

kengkay, A boy can dream. Tama ba? =P

wendy, Nyahaha. Wala pa naman.

len, Di kasama sa usapan ang trabaho di ba? Hehe

liza, Bought it in impulse. I didn't tell them for 2 years. Hehe

jas, Kaya ko maging vegetarian. Ata. Nyahaha

the donG said...

i think number 24 is the coolest! hehehe....

Sonnet's said...

Congratulations! You're gradually accomplishing what's on your list. When is #71 happening?

Raft3r said...

the dong, I couldn't agree with you more. Hehe

sonnet's, Ikaw unang makakaalam pag nangyari yan.

brainteaser said...

Dinner with Hannibal Lecter?

Or be his dinner?

Just asking. Hehehe

Raft3r said...

brainteaser, Both are tempting offers. Hehe

pete said...

galing naman!

Raft3r said...

pete, Yes. Nababawasan na ang to do list!