Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Begin Again

When I shut down The Deadbeat Club back in 2013, the idea was to update it every once in a while. So here’s one. 

Raft3r just turned 40. Yup, I’m a dinosaur. I just don’t look like your ordinary run of the mill dirty old man. I am Raft3r. Hear me roar!
  1. I have a very twisted sense of humor. Only intelligent folks, like you, get it.
  2. I don’t miss blogging
  3. I am currently in love.
  4. I have been fascinated with Herschel bags for a few months now.  I am almost over it. 
  5. I have been travelling every month since the start of the year.
  6. I was able to witness Presumptive President Rody Duterte cast his vote. 
  7. I will be going to Coron, Palawan for the first time. 
  8. I unfriended over 800 people on Facebook
  9. I prefer Twitter
  10. I collect Janet Jackson’s Unbreakable CDs and vinyls from all over the world. 
  11. I thoroughly enjoyed Batman v. Superman.  Deal with it. 
  12. I believe that Marvel movies are for kids.
  13. I eat hard boiled eggs for snacks.
  14. I now weigh 140 pounds.  This is the lightest I’ve ever been. 
  15. I now moisturize. 
  16. I have a 100% success rate with every job application.  That’s five job promotions in ten years.
  17. I am still counting calories.
  18. I shook hands with Barack Obama and Janet Jackson
  19. I am particularly fond of ice cream cake.
  20. I love flying. Takeoffs, specially.
  21. I was recently rushed to the emergency room for severe stomach pain.
  22. I can now do pull-ups.
  23. I did not vote on May 9, 2016.
  24. I get hungry when bored.
  25. I do charity works but I don’t see the need to publicize them.
  26. I hate selfies.  They are for people who are so full of themselves.
  27. I am sarcastic.  You should know that by now. 
  28. I will eat anything deep fried.
  29. I don’t act my age.  I am very immature.
  30. I finally did the unthinkable.  I introduced my girlfriend to the entire family.
  31. I can survive on chips alone.
  32. I want to go back to school
  33. I don’t usually like to take credit for most of my achievements.  Luck always plays a big part.
  34. I was once a kept man
  35. I never had my heart broken.  Yes, I have no feelings. 
  36. I don’t really care how I look.  I just want to smell great.
  37. I miss playing tennis.  I really, really, really do. 
  38. I used to read Stevan Javellana’s “Without Seeing the Dawn” on a yearly basis. 
  39. I love fries.
  40. I am already due for a prostate exam


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! Panalo ang no. 40! Ask mo na health insurance natin kung sino okay :) lol!

Denoy Eusebio said...

mhel, Hahaha. Takot na takot nako.

Mika said...

#35. Gagayahin nalang kita tulad ng narinig ko sa'yo sa Coffee Bean: "REAALLLYYYY?!" :P

Goldie Miranda said...

Super like ko yung #30 :)

Denoy Eusebio said...

mika, Nyahaha. REALLY.

goldie miranda, It was kinda nerve racking. Hehe

atticus said...

Ala eh, mabuti naman nagsulat ka na ulit.
Teka, magkano naman ang talent fee mo noong ikaw ay "kept man?"
At iyong girl na gusto ko, okay na ba?

Denoy Eusebio said...

atticus, Doktora is doing just fine. I think. Hehe

Anonymous said...

Omg. You unfriended me.

Denoy Eusebio said...

anonymous, Hahaha. Based on your comment, justified naman pala ginawa ko. Nyahaha

pete said...

ano bago

Denoy Eusebio said...

pete, Wala nga. Ganon padin. Spammer ka padin. As always. Hahaha

Yummy Friend said...

Love this. Next up, buy na your domain.

gillboard said...

oh my god ssa in love at girlfriend!!!


Denoy Eusebio said...

yummy friend, This is all your fault. Hehe

gillboard, Nyahaha. Wala, eh.

Kitty said...


Denoy Eusebio said...

kitty, Bakit? Hahaha

Anonymous said...


Denoy Eusebio said...

anonymous, What about #34? Hehe

Ate V said...

Kamusta ka naman noong election, senator?

Denoy Eusebio said...

ate v, Noranian po si Raft3r. Nyahaha

Kara Van Ana said...

• Di ka naman mukhang 40- mga 39 and 5 months lang, NAKS!
• in love, ayos! bawas na ang grumpy sa FB at Twitter
• Iba travel on foot, si Raft3r travel per month – PANIS!
• for safety din yang pagbabawas mo sa FB
• I prefer The Deadbeat Club and Hoshilandia
• Batman v. Superman? Henry Cavill!!!
• I’m a fan of Ironman and yes, I’m younger than you :p
• I have a doppelganger
• 100% success rate? No doubt!
• High Five sa selfie!
• Okay na sarcastic, kaysa plastic
• “I finally did the unthinkable…” Proud of you, Pre!
• The connection between 21 and 31
• Go back to school? Try mo Sunday walang traffic sa Mendiola :P
• You’ll be fine, sisiw! Connect #40 and #16

Denoy Eusebio said...

kara van ana, Had to click the link pa para ma-confirm na ikaw si Hoshi! Haha. Mabuhay!

Elsa said...

You're a changed man. Wow. LOL.

Overthinker Palaboy said...

Pull ups! Idol na ulit kita! Haha!

Denoy Eusebio said...

elsa, Malapit nako maging santo. Wait and see! Nyahaha

overthinker palaboy, Musta! It's been awhile.

ochie mendoza said...

Hello, Raft3r! Great to see you back! Stay happy!

Btw, inspiration ko na si Janet coz she got pregnant at 49. :)

Denoy Eusebio said...

ochie mendoza, Haha. Thanks. Lagi naman ako happy. Dati pa. Hehe. Yeah, panalo nga si Janet!

Oman said...

lol at #40, then, I pause... ako rin pala :(

Denoy Eusebio said...

oman, Hahaha. Pero life begins are forty daw. We'll see.

Ana said...

You don't look 40 naman

Anonymous said...

please blog more.

Denoy Eusebio said...

ana, So mga 39? Ganyan? Hahaha

anonymous, Sweet but I can't. Hehe

jayr said...

malakas ka ba sa pabango?

Denoy Eusebio said...

jayr, Hindi nga. Natural scent lang. Hahaha

pete said...

amoy chico

Denoy Eusebio said...

pete, Haha. Spammer ka!

Anita said...

Ilan na Herschel bags mo?

Denoy Eusebio said...

anita, Konti lang. 7 lang. Nyahaha

Anonymous said...

welcome back

Denoy Eusebio said...

anonymous, Thank you. I guess. Hehe

Baby Francine said...

What brought about all these changes?

Denoy Eusebio said...

baby francine, You? Nyahaha

anita said...

it's good na friends pa din kayo ni francine.

Denoy Eusebio said...

anita, Bakit naman hindi? May issue ba? Hahaha

Anonymous said...

happy for you Pars! (Inlove ka - patunayan mo saken na may POREBER)hihi :) -mars

Denoy Eusebio said...

mars, Hahaha. Ano 'to?!

dormboy said...

Welcome back idol! =) nice to read some updates from you!

Denoy Eusebio said...

dormboy, Salamat. Try ko uli update soon. Hehe

Frederick Guyton said...

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Denoy Eusebio said...

frederick guyton, Welcome to The Deadbeat Club!

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