Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Begin Again

When I shut down The Deadbeat Club back in 2013, the idea was to update it every once in a while. So here’s one. 

Raft3r just turned 40. Yup, I’m a dinosaur. I just don’t look like your ordinary run of the mill dirty old man. I am Raft3r. Hear me roar!
  1. I have a very twisted sense of humor. Only intelligent folks, like you, get it.
  2. I don’t miss blogging
  3. I am currently in love.
  4. I have been fascinated with Herschel bags for a few months now.  I am almost over it. 
  5. I have been travelling every month since the start of the year.
  6. I was able to witness Presumptive President Rody Duterte cast his vote. 
  7. I will be going to Coron, Palawan for the first time. 
  8. I unfriended over 800 people on Facebook
  9. I prefer Twitter
  10. I collect Janet Jackson’s Unbreakable CDs and vinyls from all over the world. 
  11. I thoroughly enjoyed Batman v. Superman.  Deal with it. 
  12. I believe that Marvel movies are for kids.
  13. I eat hard boiled eggs for snacks.
  14. I now weigh 140 pounds.  This is the lightest I’ve ever been. 
  15. I now moisturize. 
  16. I have a 100% success rate with every job application.  That’s five job promotions in ten years.
  17. I am still counting calories.
  18. I shook hands with Barack Obama and Janet Jackson
  19. I am particularly fond of ice cream cake.
  20. I love flying. Takeoffs, specially.
  21. I was recently rushed to the emergency room for severe stomach pain.
  22. I can now do pull-ups.
  23. I did not vote on May 9, 2016.
  24. I get hungry when bored.
  25. I do charity works but I don’t see the need to publicize them.
  26. I hate selfies.  They are for people who are so full of themselves.
  27. I am sarcastic.  You should know that by now. 
  28. I will eat anything deep fried.
  29. I don’t act my age.  I am very immature.
  30. I finally did the unthinkable.  I introduced my girlfriend to the entire family.
  31. I can survive on chips alone.
  32. I want to go back to school
  33. I don’t usually like to take credit for most of my achievements.  Luck always plays a big part.
  34. I was once a kept man
  35. I never had my heart broken.  Yes, I have no feelings. 
  36. I don’t really care how I look.  I just want to smell great.
  37. I miss playing tennis.  I really, really, really do. 
  38. I used to read Stevan Javellana’s “Without Seeing the Dawn” on a yearly basis. 
  39. I love fries.
  40. I am already due for a prostate exam