Sunday, January 31, 2010

Where Do We Go From Here

Raft3r’s trip to Cebu was short but still memorable.

My hotel was walking distance to the mall. So boredom was out of the question.

Besides, work took much of my time and the little precious moments I had left were spent either sleeping or eating lechon.

Raft3r did make some pretty awesome purchases while in Cebu.

Chelsea Handler’s “My Horizontal Life” which is a rare find in Manila was being sold in Fully Booked Cebu for less than four hundred bucks.

House Series on DVD was on sale for P300 per season. I am not a fan of the show but with that price I could easily become one.

My ultimate purchase was a hundred dollar Oakley shades. It was such a steal that I almost kissed the Duty Free saleslady in delight.

The best thing about Cebu though is the strong sense of regionalism among its people. Now that is something folks from Manila seriously lack.

Friday, January 29, 2010

How To Save A Life

After the nth attempt in ending his life, my friend asked if I can accompany him to Star City.

Raft3r gladly obliged.

We never talked about the incident. I did not want to complicate matters. So I kept my mouth shut and never bothered to ask questions.

Raft3r concentrated on letting him have some fun. My friend deserved it.

For 60 bucks a pop, we were in.

It was a good thing I did not purchase the all you can ride tickets. Long lines awaited us in most attractions we wanted to try.

We settled with loads of parlor games – like who could shoot the most hoops, catch the most fish, score the biggest stuff toy, down the most number of bottles.

While most of our group shied away from Star City for fearing of being sighted in such a jologs (cheap) place, Raft3r learned one important lesson.

Jologs or not, the smile plastered on my friend’s face that night made the trip really worthwhile.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Live Like We're Dying

My best friend is a jumper.

He is suicidal.

Every time he is faced with a problem his solution is to jump off a building. Well, that and a few other surprises.

But he has never been successful at killing himself. After all, he is still alive.

To celebrate the Holiday Season, he decided to stop eating entirely.

I should have known better. All the telltale signs were present. Raft3r texted and called him on Christmas. He didn’t reply to either.

On the last day of the 2009, I was informed of his condition. I hurriedly rushed him to the emergency room.

The doctor said he was all stressed out.

It does get tiring saving him all the time. He never learns.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Age Of Innocence

One of Raft3r’s adorable nieces will celebrate her 4th birthday in Hong Kong Disneyland on the 24th.

She may be young. But her words are so full of wisdom.

Consider these:

“Tito (Uncle), liars do not go to SM. They go to hell.”

“Do not talk to the driver while he’s driving. That’s a safety violation.”

“Lolo (Grandpa), I don’t like you today. You’re bad.”

“Thank you for the worst present ever, tito.”

“Look at me. I look nice and sexy, no?”

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It Takes Two

The Mali Bay boy’s Deadbeat Club turns another year older today. Yehey!

Just like the previous year, Raft3r presents the quotable quotes of 2009:

There is nothing scarier than answering questions from a priest. (New Beginning)

Ages 5 and 3 spell F-U-N! (Flightplan)

Raft3r’s childhood heroes were Oscar the Grouch, Reggie Mantle, Veronica Lodge, and Donald Duck. Now you know where I got my mean streak. (When I Grow Up)

Girl on girl action is hot. (The Brave One)

My brain simply refuses to exercise. (Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want)

Raft3r doesn’t cry over heartbreaks. (The Truth About Cats And Dogs)

But the best part of sleeping is waking up, especially if you wake up next to someone you actually like. (Sleep All Day)

After all, I was once a fool in love. (Someone To Watch Over Me)

I know. You don’t have to tell me. I’m a coward. (Greatest X)

There is something sexy about women in winter clothes. (Hole In My Heart [All The Way To China])

Be your own best friend. It’s the greatest thing you can do for yourself. (What’s Simple Is True)

I have been constantly losing friends to immigration. (Fly Away)

Four days of fun and partying also mean four days of work piled at your desk while you’re gone. (Karma)

While they write their legal drafts, Raft3r does his blog posts. Guess who’s the lucky one? (Beginning is The End Is The Beginning)

Mr. Tsao, kindly place your photo right beside Raft3r’s. Tell me. Who looks like a servant now? (Man In The Mirror)

I will always be horny. (You Learn)

My cousins would often tease me that I would burn in hell for being different. I told them it didn’t matter. I had air conditioning. (40 Days And 40 Nights)

That doesn’t make me a good person. That only means I’m a pushover. (Breakaway)

Yes, I am not afraid to admit I act like a high school chick every time I see a frog. (The Sum Of All Fears)

I have no interest whatsoever in the private affairs of others. I got my own life to live. (Are You In?)

If a girl can make me wait for at least two hours in order for her to get ready for our date and I won’t get pissed, that is a pretty good indication our relationship can last for a minimum of six months and subject to renewal. (Waiting In Vain)

It only takes a video to make one famous. How else can you explain Paris Hilton? (Video Killed The Radio Star)

It is one of the best feelings ever – almost close to an orgasm. (Pay It Forward)

Thirty years later, my idea of roughing it is getting stuck in a hotel room with no cable TV. (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

It is tough to get serious when everyone around you is an idiot. (Destination Nowhere)

It was just like Waterworld without Kevin Costner’s terrible thespian skills. (The Day The Earth Stood Still)

Spending time with my family is like watching a really terrible movie. You know it’s bad for you. But you still stay glued, just to see how it all ends. (Whoops Now)

We should be kind, even to Satan’s helpers. (Slap A Bitch)

Is Raft3r a baby maker or a manwhore? (Touch My Body)

Post script: For 2008 quotes, click here.

Friday, January 15, 2010

American Dreamz

American Idol Season 9 has begun.

Why do people continuously find new ways to humiliate themselves?

Isn’t blogging enough?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Waiting For Wednesday

The single guy’s adventure heads to Cebu this week.

Though the trip is work related, it coincides with the city’s Sinulog festival. Raft3r is, obviously, taking advantage of the situation.

For three straight days, I will be eating lechon and ONLY lechon. Raft3r is salivating right now. There goes any hope of shedding some pounds this new year. Bummer.

I will also be meeting up with a couple of long lost friends. Hoarding tons of chicharon, otap, danggit are also in order.

Yummy Friend is on this trip, as well. She celebrates her birthday on the 18th. Holler her.

On a previous travel, I stayed at Plantation Bay and was able to see the outskirts and some of Cebu’s undiscovered yet gorgeous beaches.

Though I won’t be able to do those things this time around, Cebu certainly has other attractions to offer. So let the good times roll.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Beautiful Letdown

If you are a straight guy, I suggest not reading this post.

Try this one instead.

It took Raft3r three months to finally finish reading New Moon.

Yes. As if Twilight wasn’t torturous enough, I needed to have another serving of the Bella-Edward teenage love affair.

Raft3r is going to great lengths to impress the ladies.

I do understand the chicks’ fascination with Cullen. He is a bad boy. Girls love that.

Until now, the entire Twilight phenomenon still escapes me. I have already finished the first two books and they have done nothing for me. Not a thing.

Oh by the way, Raft3r is Team Jacob.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

21 Things I Want In A Lover

1. fantastic kisser;
2. never nags;
3. romantic;
4. likes to experiment;
5. laughs a lot;
6. plays tennis;
7. decent conversationalist;
8. good dresser;
9. non-committal;
10. game for anything;
11. enjoys bubble baths;
12. sexy armpits;
13. eats like Leighton Meester;
14. has a wild side;
15. music lover;
16. likes it nice and slow;
17. drama free;
18. loves to cuddle;
19. filthy rich;
20. nice set of teeth; and
21. swallows.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

You Won't See Me Cry

Tell me.

When is it time to let go?