Saturday, January 19, 2008

As I Am

Against my better judgment, I decided to blog.

Yesterday I created my blogger account.

I am NO writer. Despite serving as an editor-in-chief in a college journal, my writing experience is pretty darn limited. I am NO writer.

Consider this is your last warning.

If you are still reading this, man, you’re brave.

I figured since everyone I know blogs, I might as well try it out. Writing seems to be therapeutic. It gets my creative juices flowing, if I have any.

Also, writing is a good medium to air out sentiments and such. I am in no way an emotional guy. My exes would make sure you know that.

I always keep my emotions bottled up. Hopefully with blogging, I get to change that…little by little.

I read somewhere that a very famous 80’s pop sensation once had a journal online. She would update it on a regular basis. She wrote about anything and everything. Until she finally reckoned that she was compromising the truth just to make her journal entries more interesting to the readers. Hence, she decided to stop.

That made me ponder as to how much I am willing to share with what I write.

Stay tuned.

I am Raft3r. Hear me roar.


Anonymous said...

As I Am by Alicia Keys.... yippeee coffeee would be nice tomorrow morning. free delivery dapat. Anyhooo, your blog is interesting. looking forward to read and know more about ur interesting life.

Raft3r said...

Congratulations, chaddao! I owe you one cup of coffee. =)

Anonymous said...

Uhh yeah!!!! Welcome sa blogging world...Well well well ang tangi ko lang masasabi na you talaga ang leader ng PETIKS team... hayz!!! looking forward si ako sa mabasa ko dito hehehe...

Anonymous said...

This is a revelation! You are an editor in chief of your college journal?! WOW! I'm impressed! I can't see a trace of that now. :-)
Seriously, this is a good way also bestfriend of showing your creative side as you said or should I say your intellectual side without the sarcasm, but in this blog I can still sense it, well as you said old habits are hard to die.
This is good and I can't wait to read more entries from you. I always believe in your talent. Just one question, is this your way of reviving your dwindling popularity? LOL! I miss you bestfriend.

Raft3r said...

watashi, kakaiba ka talaga! Salamat. Mana lang ako sayo. =>

bestfriend, I am more than just a pretty face. ;P

Anonymous said...

can you share the story behind your aka RAFTER please

Raft3r said...

anonymous, I aim to please. The Rafters is written just for you. =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the trivia...Now I know, Im more into archery, golf and polo kasi...:) gulp-gulp and polo-tan hehehehe

Raft3r said...

anonymous, Ako din! Hehe.

ar-dee-see said...

Congrats on making 300 posts!! well on another post. BTW I just watch the movie 300 a couple of days ago. Weird?! Must be a family thing.

Raft3r said...

ar-dee-see, Must be. Hehe