Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Don't Talk 2 Strangers

A college professor taught us to only write about things we know of. 

So when a close friend suggested I write something relevant, I went berserked.

Since everything is relative, what is relevant anyway?

Actually, what my friend meant was for me to write less about myself and dwell more on topics that may actually have a profound effect on mankind.

I never thought that blogging could help change the world. But here goes.

As kids, we were warned against strangers. 

How many times have we been told by our folks not to talk to people we don’t know?

My mom, being suspicious of my ability to comprehend and follow rules, would often hire someone to pose as a stranger who would offer me candy. Many times, I accepted.

Maybe, even as a child, stupidity has always been my greatest trait.

But growing up, I realized stupidity wasn’t entirely to be blamed for my juvenile misgivings. I was, and still am, drawn to strangers.

Yes, blame the candies.

Anyone who offers sweets to kids must be kind. That was how I viewed it, back then.

If strangers could give me candies, what more can I get from them? Twisted, I know.


Anonymous said...

i have always made friends with strangers...they are the best companion in long trips..and i learn a lot from them too..i get job offers, free accommodations, free lectures and stuff, and i get to tell them about my worries and they listen...kaya tama ka..why not accept the candy diba..the stranger must be nice :)

Anonymous said...

imbestigador pala si mommy! hehehe...

abie said...

uy, 7 post na sya...3 post na lang pasok na sya sa required na minimum of 10 post per month...

kwento ka pa rafter...hehehe

teka, akala ko ba special mention si dale? asan na sya?

Anonymous said...

Maybe, even as a child, stupidity has always been my greatest trait.

Aww, friend.


Mishel said...


Wala lang.


Raft3r said...

donna, My long lost sister? Maybe we were separated at birth. Hehe.

dalera, Oo. Di ka non tatantanan!

abie, Quota na ba? Mana sayo, e. Hehe.

juditigger, Nasan po ang candy? Madami ba?

mishel anne, That's the best compliment ever. Salamat.

Payperbiz said...

I never dared talk to strangers to the point of not letting my mother's relatives into our house when they arrived one day and I was home alone. I think I was only in 6th grade when that happened. They tried to convince me they are family but their efforts turned futile as I kept the gate closed. The next day, they came back and my parents were home. Guess what Raft3r, they turned out to be relatives from my mom's province.

Raft3r said...

sonnet, Funny story. Hehe. Better safe than sorry, huh? Welcome to The Deadbeat Club! =)

Wendy said...

This is so funny. Your friend must be shaking his/her head at the profundity of this post. Hehehe

Raft3r said...

wendy, Tanga talaga ako. Hehe