Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wedding Crashers

Just last month, I attended two weddings on the same day.

Yeah, you read it right. That’s two weddings in one day.

To make it even more unbelievable, both weddings were scheduled at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

I was part of the wedding entourage on one wedding. So it was easy to decide which church ceremony I would be attending. 

The plan was to attend the church service for one wedding and go to the reception of the other.

In a few hours from now, I am attending another friend’s wedding. I feel like I'm the male version of Katherine Heigl’s character in 27 Dresses.

There’s something about weddings that rubs me the wrong way. 

In fact, weddings scare the hell out of me. It must be the idea of spending forever with just one person.

I mean I couldn’t even sustain a relationship for more than a year. How could I possibly survive an eternity with someone?

The phrase “until death do us part” entails serious commitment and a whole lot of comprises. I don’t think I am quite ready for that kind of shit.

I like the fact that I am not responsible for another human being.

I can come home late and have no one ask me where I’ve been. I can go wherever I want and need not ask the permission of another. I can buy all the gadgets in the world and not have anyone tell me not to.

I’m not bashing the whole concept of marriage. I still think it’s cool.

People fall in love and they, eventually, decide to get hitched. Plain and simple. But that doesn’t mean it works for all of us.


Anonymous said...

Not all of us are meant to be married, anyway. As long as you're enjoying your lifem kebs. Right?

Raft3r said...

scarletsascha, Good point. Bridget Jones would be proud. ;>

Anonymous said...

This is the reason why i love reading blogs..makes me wonder more NOT to get married someday...after what happened to me? WHOA! It will really take me forever to love another man...but good post friend..because of what you said, it only means you have not found yet THE ONE. :)

Raft3r said...

stephanie, Sounds tragic naman yan. The right one will come along shortly. Ganyan talaga ang buhay pag-ibig. ;P

Anonymous said...

Kung titignan mo nga friend napaka ironic ng buhay ko...I'm working in a team consisting of 6 hunks and I hate men at the same is really mysterious sometimes. I guess God really wants to teach me a lesson about guys and that is, working and being with them almost everyday, 8 hours a day. I don't know if I still want to get married. What happened was and still is really traumatic kaya ikaw when you find someone you think you want more than a friend, be ready to commit because the girl MIGHT consider you as the don't break hearts friend! :)

Raft3r said...

stephanie, Mapaglaro talaga ang buhay. Kaya you better learn to roll with the punches, ika nga. Hayaan mo. Darating din sya. Ganon naman lagi yon, e.

Anonymous said...

i had this wedding conversation with my boyfriend which started out fun but ended up with a misunderstanding..that's the end of more wedding more lifetime-forever-and-ever conversation.but it sucks because i'd love to talk lifetime and weddings..i guess i'll just have to take it one day a time..malay mo i might end up marrying a may masarap na candy! haha! :)

Raft3r said...

donna, Hehe. That's another way to look at it. Thanks for dropping by! =)

John Ahmer said...

kelan kaya ang sayo? hehe

Raft3r said...

wait, Parang naitanong mo na ito ke RaYe ah! Hehe

Anonymous said...

This must be your longest entry so far. LOL

Raft3r said...

gasoline dude, Hehe. The longest yata ay yun Don't Stop The Music.