Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bills, Bills, Bills

I am up to my neck with bills to pay. And it’s not even funny anymore.

Am I the only one who has this problem?

Adult life is so complicated. Not only do you have to find a job to survive, you got other things to stress about. There’s your love life, your kid’s education, your boss, your meager salary, your favorite celebrity switching to another TV network. It’s insane.

I used to be good in handling my finances. In fact, I kept a journal of all my monthly expenses and religiously followed a certain budget per pay period. That was up until I bought a car. Admittedly, it was an impulse buy.

I have a good credit standing with the bank. So they gave me a pretty goal deal with the loan. But seriously, I do not need an extra car. But it’s here now. So why complain, right?

So every month, I do my best to survive. I am now living from pay day to day. It’s excruciating.

Oh, I have to go now. I’m off to the mall to buy more stuff I don’t even plan on using.

Post script: This is Raft3r's new motto, "It's is better to be buried in debt than to be buried six feet under."


Anonymous said...

Ay sus, totoo ba naman that you have a meager salary? I seriously doubt. (,") But I agree with what you said about buying the car on impulse coz you don't really need one, may service ka namang CRV. No wonder that buying the same is causing you some headache in budgeting your expenses. I have a great idea though, you can give your car as a bday gift for me, hehehe. (,")

Raft3r said...

jella, Nyahaha. Hayaan mo pag naka-bingwit ako ng sugar mommy sayo na yun Picanto! Hehe

Coriander Dreams said...

imagine our parents and how they managed to save up on tuition, investing in properties, car, etc.

I think that's the real challenge of today's society! Mas mahirap mabuhay ngayon panahon. But then how should I know na hindi mahirap din buhay noon :D

Good luck to us! And cheers to the new millenium yuppies!

Anonymous said...

na-miss kita today, yummy friend!

anyway, inadopt ko na ang saying na "in between life and death, you pay the bills". it's very normal. take it from me.

if my driving lessons next month go well, i'll see if pwede ko na angkinin si Lettuce! :-)

see you tomorrow, right?

Raft3r said...

coriander dreams, Tama ka. Mabuhay tayong lahat!

yummy friend, Wow! Potential buyer. Hehe. I'll take good care of her for the meantime.

Wendy said...

Natawa ko sa motto mo. If you love your brand new car and can pay your car loan naman, I guess it's ok to be buried in debt. Mababayaran mo rin yan in a few years time. Enjoy life di ba;)

Raft3r said...

wendy, Nyahaha. Ganyan talaga ang buhay. Just roll with the punches, ika nga. ;>

Anonymous said...

correct ka dyan best, dami gastos!

condo rental + utilities, tuition fee (i'm paying P22,000 per term + books + laptop), regalo sa boyfriend and my family pag may special occasions, dinner with friends, out of town/country trips, parking fee ng bestfriend ko (he he..joke)


P.S. ikaw lang ang adult na pinoproblema ang paglipat ng favorite celeb sa ibang network. Iba ka talaga!

Payperbiz said...

Pwede ka na gawing entry sa Guinness Book of Records: The Most Extravagant Single Man on Earth hehe:)

Anonymous said...

i'm sure you can pull it off. ;p

Anonymous said...

i'm sure you can pull it off. ;p thanks for the link by the way.

Raft3r said...

bestfriend, Ang haba ng listahan natin! Sige na. Mas magastos ka na po. Hehe

sonnet's, Nyahaha. I'm sure hindi ako ang titleholder nyan. ;P

tina, Thanks 4 the vote of confidence. Sana nga. Hehe

pixie27 said...

May pang date ka pa ba LOL! Grabe magastos ang may sasakyan! Lalo na kung brand new pa binili mo para sakin di na ata ganun ka practical ang mag brand new grabe noh lalo na sa monthly payment nito! Hayy buhay di ka nagiisa!!!

Raft3r said...

pixie27, You're back! Oo, malapit na akong mapraning kaka-budget. Hehe. May pang date pa naman. Top priority yan! Nyahaha

Anonymous said...

I agree with your motto. hehehe.

It's hard to be an adult nga. andaming iisipin. Hay, everyday gastos, kaka-stress. Pero we get by naman. Bawas-bawasan lang ang pagiging impulsive buying.

Raft3r said...

salve, Ewan ko nga ba. Mahirap pigilan, e. Hehe