Thursday, July 3, 2008

School Ties

It’s back to school for Raft3r.

Every morning at exactly half past seven, a bus picks me up from the hotel and takes me to the training center.

For 11 weeks, I have to learn and master six thick as a tree trunk modules. That entails reading. All these are in preparation for my new job.

Getting back in the swing of things ain’t easy. After all, Raft3r has not been in school in eight long years.

I have long abandoned the love for reading. Blame it on law school. Pre-law Raft3r frequented bookstores and purchased tons of books.

With all the readings I had to do for school, I lost interest in books all together. Suddenly, I had no urge to even browse through my non-fiction novels. Law school can do that to you.

Now back to Raft3r’s current predicament. I just passed my first exam. There are more to follow. Just staring at my modules makes me puke. I dunno how I can surpass this.

Money is always a good motivator.

My boss sums it up best: “Now, you actually get paid to go to school.”


escape said...

congratulations for passing your first exam. it was good that i didn't pursue to take up law.

Payperbiz said...

Don't take reading too seriously, it's just like watching a movie. Tsaka magaling ka by nature, walang di kaya ang mga taga-JASMS:)

Anonymous said...

Congrats for passing the first exam and GOOD LUCK na rin =)

Anonymous said...

Great job on your first exam!

The next 11 weeks will fly by and you'll be back to your literature-phobic self in no time ;)

P.S. I started a new blog which you might find fun. I know I do ;)


aka, This Girl

Raft3r said...

the dong, Law school ruined my life. Hehe

sonnet's, Iba talaga ang batang JASMS!

CM, Salamat. Salamat. Awa ng Dyos, pumasa. Nyahaha

the girl, New Blog. Will check it out right away!

Anonymous said...

congratulations for passing your first exam, raft3r. you'll do well sa mga susunod pa, i'm sure.

good luck!


Anonymous said...

Denoy, it's a foregone conclusion for me that you'll pass all the exams you'll take while undergoing the required training in Baltimore. Ikaw pa? Panis yan sa yo 'no! (,") Ummmm, with my pasalubong, nakabili ka na ba talaga? I doubt. hehehe. Parang iba na ang gusto ko, havaianas na lang kaya, ang naunsyami mong xmas gift sa akin, hahaha! Till my next comment. Just keep on blogging even if you are back to school again. (,")

Wendy said...

Think of the dollars you'll be earning dude. Modules kung modules:)

PS, I hated law school too hehe.

Anonymous said...

congrats! kayang kaya mo yan bro ;) but you have to start reading na kung ganun kakapal ang mga modules mo hehe.

my brother is in CT and works in NY, if you need help pwede mo sya tawagan, just let me know. ;)good luck raft3r. take care.

Anonymous said...

Hehe!! I hope u're diggin school! Whats school Ties from?

Anonymous said...


hou may gad

low skul


hebigat tau pare ah




Anonymous said...

Hi! Keep seeing you at my friend's (Salve aka Crumbs) place, so I thought I'd make a 'courtesy call.'

Congratulations for passing your exam. Hehehehe.

You made me smile, and feel sorry, at what law school had done to you. It's a good thing then that I did not pursue my childhood dream. Hehe. At least, now, I still have cozy dates with poetry and fiction books.

Did you say you are being paid to do school? Man, you are very lucky! I envy you. ;-)

The Written World

Anonymous said...

guess who's back??!! your favorite negra lakwatseras, hahaha!

am uploading our pics and trying to update my blog. katamad. good thing on leave ako till tuesday.

so, how was NY? did you buy me anything? oh, way to go with your readings! kaya mo yan.

Raft3r said...

salve, Salamat. Naku, sana nga.

jella, You know i wouldn't lie to you.

wendy, Law school sucks! Hehe

liza, That's very nice of you. Thanks.

ar-dee-see, It's actually a movie.

rimewire, Hehe. Low profile lang tayo, dude.

brainteaser, Salamat sa dalaw. Welcome to The Deadbeat Club.

yummy friend, Yes. Meron na!

pixie27 said...

mukhang matalino ka naman kahit di mo basahin sa tingin ko eh...kayang kaya mo yan =)

Raft3r said...

pixie27, Naku. Akala mo lang yon. Hehe. How's the new baby?

Anonymous said...

wow ang galing galing naman..keep up the good work..and you're right, money is a good motivator, hehe..

- maya

Raft3r said...

maya, Money changes everything. Hehe

Crab Cakes said...

School is cool!

Raft3r said...

crab cakes, If you say so. Hehe

Anonymous said...

dont worry, we're in this together..always remember, im just an email away if you need answers! lol!...and besides if we dont pass, we can always go back to state -- i hope! lol!...ig

Raft3r said...

anonymous, Waaah... I miss fraud work!