Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spending My Time

Raft3r took a leave of absence from work yesterday.

Instead of staying in bed (like usual), I decided to do some chores.

I know. It's a miracle.

Consider the following:

• went to the bank and had my ATM card replaced;
• brisk walked to burn some calories (at least, I’m trying);
• dropped off laptop at the shop for a check up;
• had a haircut (a lot of fans would be pleased);
• paid my bills;
• bought latest Marian Rivera CD for my nieces (don’t get me started);
• updated programs on my iPhone;
• read a few pages of Twilight; and
• had a blind date for dinner.

It’s been a while since Raft3r felt this productive. Really.

These days are few and far between.

Post script: This entry was intended for yesterday. Instead of blogging right after work, I went straight to bed.


Anonymous said...

may check up na rin pala ang laptop ngayon? ako brisk walking na lang din ang exercise ko ngayon e lalo pat paakyat yung aming mga daan nito, hingal kabayo ko parati!

Raft3r said...

kengkay, Hehe. Pwede na yan!

Judayski said...

yesss, productivity ito! high five naman dyan!
need many things to distract me eh. i was counting on you to be one pero busy kaaa!!! hahaha!!!

and marian CD for your nieces?! tayo pa ba maglolokohan? hahaha!!! xoxo

Raft3r said...

judayski, Yes. Para sa kanila iyon. Pero i-suggest ko sa office na kanta ni Marian gamitin namin sa Xmas party! Nyahaha

escape said...

had a blind date for dinner.>>> coolest thing!

Visual Velocity said...

Hehe, so how was Twilight?

Anonymous said...

uuy, kwento tungkol sa blind date kamukha ba ni marian? hahahaha

Mz. Common Sense said...

Ooo busy busy day! Don't you just love it when you're productive?

Speaking of, I'm supposed to be productive right now. Yet...I'm blogging. Hmmph!

Raft3r said...

the dong, Will blog about it. Soon. Hehe

andy briones, Medyo pambata. Hehe. That's putting it lightly.

liza, Sana nga. Pero dehins, eh. Hehe

demiera, Blogging is productive. Hehe

Anonymous said...

Marian's CD for your nieces?!!!!!
Yah right!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think kids just love Marian Rivera's dance hits. You can easily prod a kid to dance to the tune of Chichiquita. hehehe

I hope to be productive,too, when I take a leave from my job tomorrow. ;p

The Scud said...

- Wow. Another blind date? I haven't done that. I should pester my friends to set one up for me. Haha.
- Read a paragraph of Twilight. It turned me off. Aantayin ko na lang yung movie.
- Marian Rivera! I thought you bought one for yourself. Haha. I'd probably be doing the same when my niece grows up and start nagging to buy her those kind of stuff. :-)

Raft3r said...

bestfriend, Ask them. English speaking pero jologs pa din. Hehe

len, Good luck bukas!!!

thescud, Hehe. Sounds like a brilliant plan!

Anonymous said...

parang ikaw lang pala yan bestfriend, sosyal and branded pero nanunuod ng SOP live sa studio.

Anonymous said...

brisk walking? hmmm hirap p ata iseksek sa time namin yun pero looking forward magkaron ng time para makabadminton ulet..after 10 years hehe

Anonymous said...

wish magawa ko rin 'yong ganyan. tagal ko ng 'di nagagawang mag-exercise sa circle hehehe...

ayos Raft3r!

Raft3r said...

bestfriend, Nyahaha. Walang bukuhan!!! saka may sinamahan lang ako don kaya! Hehe

vhincent, Hehe. Raising a child is a good exercise din!

hitokirihoshi_kawaii, Sa Circle? Naku. Baka ma-pickup ka don. Hehe

Anonymous said...

wow! congrats for doing all those! yebah! hihihi! im just curious... so what happened after the dinner date?.. hihihi..

Raft3r said...

bena, Nyahaha. Pano ba yan. Di ako kiss and tell, eh. Hehe

Wendy said...

There's nothing like a blind date to make you want NOT to each too much during dinner. Hahaha

Raft3r said...

wendy, Now there's a good motivation to lose weight. Hehe

laieesha said...

what a great way to end a productive day - by having a productive night. *wink* hehehe... nga ba?

i started reading Twilight too. Jumped in the bandwagon. Won't see the movie until I finish the book.

Who's this Marian Rivera? Sorry, don't have TFC nor GMA.

Raft3r said...

laieesha, Hehe. Productive naman. Sort of. Nyahaha. Marian? Misis ko yan. Parang si Janet. Hehe