Sunday, June 7, 2009

What Women Want

I love girls.

They are such fascinating creatures.

Just when you think you got them figured out, they turn over a new leaf.

They still remain a big mystery to Raft3r.

There are certain things about the opposite sex that continue to boggle me and make me scratch my head.

For instance:

- Why girls say no when they actually mean yes;

- Their affinity for bags, shoes, and accessories;

- Why girls head to the restroom in groups;

- How they can talk non stop;

- Why girls take so long to prepare for a date;

- The whole Twilight and Robert Pattinson phenomenon;

- Why girls are such drama queens;

- Plus the burning question: “Am I fat?”

- How girls can change their minds as fast as they change their hair color.


hitokirihoshi_kawaii said...

yes una ako dito... hehe

ayoko masyado mag-comment. hindi ko rin maintindihan e.


brainteaser said...


and do you think guys are easy to figure out? hehe

Raft3r said...

hitokirihoshi_kawaii, Nyahaha. Bakit nga ba ano? Hehe

brainteaser, We are less complicated beings. Hehe

Anonymous said...

oh yeah? how about this Q: why do girls like boys?' ugh. *rolls eye here*


len said...

Oh well, we just really have to learn to live with the fact that there are things that men can never understand about women and vice versa.

Raft3r said...

prinsesamusang, You should answer that. Hehe

len, Opposites attract. =)

Oman said...

girls... you gotta love em.

Raft3r said...

lawstude, We certainly can't live without them. hehe

ar-dee-see said...

I think I have them figured out by the seasons of the calendar..... no wait I think I have them figured out by their eating behaviors... no wait I think I have them figured out by their clothing selection of the day.... no wait..... i can't figure out.... no wait....

hitokirihoshi_kawaii said...

alam ko na kung bakit maraming chicks and humaling sa twilight at robert pattinson.

sa twilight kasi binibigyang buhay ang fantasy nila na pwedeng mag-ibigan ang ordinary girl at guapong bloodsucker.

at si robert pattinson ang nagbigay buhay sa perfect and lovely lad na imposibleng maging totoo.

what u think?

Raft3r said...

ar-dee-see, Nyahaha. Welcome to the club, mate. Hehe

hitokirihoshi_kawaii, I have seen the movie. Nakatulog ako. Nyahaha

hitokirihoshi_kawaii said...

parang alam ko kung bat ka nakatulog...buhehehe

Raft3r said...

hitokirihoshi_kawaii, Kasi puyat ako? Nyahaha

Beth said...

OOPS! Case to case basis po yan no?
Hindi lahat applicable sa lahat ng girls or ladies. As for me:

Why girls say no when they actually mean yes; (Kasi natatakot yata mapahiya or ma-deny ung wish :)

N/A: Their affinity for bags, shoes, and accessories;

N/A: Why girls head to the restroom in groups;

- How they can talk non stop; (Hehehe, bkit nga ba?!)

N/A AGAIN!: Why girls take so long to prepare for a date

N/A AGAIN!: The whole Twilight and Robert Pattinson phenomenon;

- Why girls are such drama queens; (Uhm...)

- Plus the burning question: “Am I fat?” (You got me here! Sige na nga, girly pa din ako khit pano...)

- How girls can change their minds as fast as they change their hair color. (Sorry I don't change hair color that often. So that means, I don't change my mind often! I stick to what I planned ahead.)

I told ya. Case to case basis yan.

Have a nice day! :)

Raft3r said...

beth, Nyahaha. You would make for one hell of a lawyer. Seriously. Hehe

Wendy said...

Of course you love us. After all, we are the better sex. That's a fact. Haha

Raft3r said...

wendy, That remains to be debatable. Hehe

Anonymous said...

Women are interestingly queer creatures. True, trying to figure out what a woman wants will drive anyone in neverending circles.

But take a look at men. Let us turn this to "Why are men the way they are?".

* Why do men always think about these three things: sex, cars and sports, all the time?

* Why are men naturally polygamous? (Maybe that explains why they think of sex all the time?)

* Why do men name give their cars feminine names?

* How can men be so completely devoid of drama? (Maybe so they can live with women?)

* Why can't men just say no? (Maybe because they are naturally polygamous and think of sex all the time?)

As a woman once said, "Men, you can't live with them...but you can't live without them."

To which a man replied, "Women, they are so complicated. But you gotta love them!"

Raft3r said...

bernadette anne, Hehe. I can't live without you and the rest of your kind. Girls rock my world!

Jerick said...

until now my friend, i can't fathom the twilight craze. dammmmmmmmmnnnnn.

Raft3r said...

curbside puppet, Ewan ko nga ba. Napapakamot ulo nga din ako dyan, eh. Hehe

The Scud said...

amen to your post raft3r. masisiraan ka ng ulo if you try to figure them out.

you forgot about how long it takes for them to buy a pair of shoes or a blouse or jeans.

Raft3r said...

the scud, Hehe. Ewan ko nga ba kung bakit ang tagal din nila mamili. Hehe

gillboard said...

men are not born to understand women.. just to love them for what they are...

ang plastik!!! hehehe

Liza said...

Kung malaman nyo, eh di hindi na mystery yun. Ganun talaga ang mga girls. :)

Raft3r said...

gillboard, Plastik nga. Hehe

liza, I love mysteries. So swak na swak lang. Hehe

eden said...

i admit have some of those, rafter ..hehehe.. and sometimes dont understand myself..

have a nice day

Raft3r said...

eden, Thank you for the validation. Hehe. Thank you.

Visual Velocity said...

I don't like girls: too much gossip, too much drama. I've been surrounded by women all my life; they're driving me nuts. Ehehe.

Raft3r said...

andy briones, Hehe. Girls are awesome. Kahit na palaisipan sila satin. Hehe

bestfriend said...

and those are also the reasons why you guys love us, di ba?

Raft3r said...

bestfriend, Yes! Yes! Yes!

atticus said...

oh my gulay. wala ako sa listahan mo. na-check ko naman sa CR - babae ako.

pero pag gusto ko, ako pa ang magsasabi. "kape tayo." sayang oras pag nag-inarte. ang daming puwedeng pag-awayan ng magkarelasyon, huwag nang idagdag ang pakipot o kaartehan. kung ayaw, ayaw. kung gusto, arriba.

di rin ako mahilig sa shopping, sa bag, sa anik-akin sa katawan. pag gusto ko ang nakita ko, bibilhin ko. tapos.

di ko rin maintindihan kung bakit ang mga punyemas na mga babae, kasikip-sikip sa cr ni henry sy, walang pakundangan kahit mahaba ang pila ng gustong maghugas ng kamay. gusto pa rin nilang solohin ang puwesto sa harap ng salamin para ayusin ang make-up? hello?? sm mall? make-up? heels? tapos jeep or fx ka isasakay ng date mo o iyon lang ang kaya mo mismo. hello?

di ko rin maintindihan bakit matagal magbihis. hello? walang banda ng musikong naghihintay sa paglabas mo ng kuwarto.

twilight? punyeta, ang babaw ng plot at may parts na hindi justifiable.

am i fat? taena, i don't care if you're fat as long as you're sensible enough to talk to.

kaasar ang mga babaeng packaging ang importante, hindi ang content.

as i said, last i checked, i'm a woman. but they do get to me sometimes, too.

Raft3r said...

atticus, Nyahaha. I love the last part. Brilliant.

Jella said...

Denoy, women can be as complex as men too. (,") We are truly wired differently, that's part of how GOD created us. Try reading some self-help books so you can understand women much better, hehe.

Raft3r said...

jella, I don't need books to understand women. I will go by experience. Hehe

Anonymous said...

don't bother to understand us...just learn to love and live with us! hahaha! until you realize our love for clothes, bags, shoes and accesories, we will always be a mystery...
do you think i'll get fat? ---- waaah! hahahaha!---babe

Raft3r said...

babe, You know how much I hate that question diba? Hehe