Friday, March 28, 2008

What's Ur Name

C’mon, admit it.

You have been called names before. Kids can be mean.

And probably until now, you are still a victim of such childish behavior. It now comes in the form of backstabbing. Welcome to the adult world.

Being freakishly thin and sickly during high school, I was a favorite target of bullies. They would call me names such as “bangkay” (corpse) or “kalansay” (skeleton).

Everyday, I dreaded coming to school for fear of being ridiculed. It was that insane. Early on, I started to plot my revenge.

A few years after high school, I ran into one of them. My bully was walking towards me. I felt my knees weaken. His first words were, “Ang gwapo mo na, pare!” (Man, you look good!)

I guess he couldn’t believe that the guy he once bullied and the person he was now face to face with were one and the same. I felt vindicated. He, on the other hand, was flabby and acne prone.

Over pizza, pasta, and gelato, I bonded with female officemates. Oh, we also had pastries from Becky’s and the “original” Lapid’s chicharon (pork rinds).

Man, was it a gab fest! I didn’t contribute much. But I laughed a great deal. Things turned really interesting when they started yakking about our colleagues, in particular those who were not with us that night.

Suddenly, I felt I was back in high school. I was weak in the knees again.

Post script: I just had about enough of backstabbing and such meaningless banter. My girl best friend and I just had a falling out because of this.


Anonymous said...

i had a blast, too, yummy friend!

let's do that again. though next time, with less cruel stories about people who are not there...and a trip to MCS to cap the night.

anyhoo, i hope that the falling out gets resolved soon. let's all spread the love!

p.s. the flabby and acne-prone guy was right - guwapo ka nga ngayon! thanks heavens you grew older!

Anonymous said...

ay shet anu yon, "thanks heavens"???

thanks God nakita ko.

Raft3r said...

yummy friend, I snatched from pix from your flicker acct! Hehe. Sa susunod uling mga adventures ng grupong p*&%^@! Nyahaha!

pixie27 said...

Tama masama yan hehehe...Baka makarma at ibalik nanaman sayo hehehe...

david santos said...

Hello, Rfat3r!
Thanks for your posting and have a good weeknd.

To avoid such a tragedy happening again, and for the salvation of our children, we are doing a worldwide campaign, displaying the image of NURIN JAZLIN JAZIMIN in blogs all over the world on 25th April 2008. Let's not forget NURIN JAZLIN.

Raft3r said...

pixie27, Tumpak! I believe in karma. Hehe. Thanks 4 the visit.

david santos, She was the missing Malay kid, right? Will do the same. Thanks 4 the reminder.

Payperbiz said...

I don't remember being called a nasty name but over dinner a few years back (w/ JASMS folks), a former classmate said I was a bully? Me and my kuya, bullies daw? To this day, I vehemently disagree.

Raft3r said...

sonnet's, Hehe. Ang liit mo namang bully, kung sakali! Nyahaha

Coriander Dreams said...

Way back in pre-school I was called PIGTAIL, PIGTAIL! My mum used to tie my hair in pigtails and this older girl used to tease me!! We ended up being friends in High School tho :) She said sorry so okay na :)

Raft3r said...

coriander dreams, Galing. You ended up being friends with your bully. Hehe. Thanks 4 sharing!

Payperbiz said...

Hmp... magka-height kaya tayo at that time, you just grew hehe:)

Raft3r said...

sonnet's, Ah, yes. We we're the cutest pair. Hehe