Friday, April 18, 2008

While You Were Sleeping

Raft3r was up at two o’clock in the morning to have his passport renewed.

Except for the time I had a sleepover at my girlfriend’s house without her folks’ consent, this is the only instance when I had to get up this early.

Since I had no scheduled appointment with the passport division, my only other option was to line up with the rest of the population who refuses to do the online application. Yes, I am stubborn.

One lesson I have learned from this experience is that karma does exist.

You see, I used to process passports of foreign nationals.

Often times I would have applicants who want to expedite their passport renewal due to an immediate trip abroad. More than always, I down turn their request.

A pending travel does not justify for an early release if previous passport has been expired for more than five years. It is the traveler’s obligation to make sure his travel docs are always current.

More than a year after my stint in passport, I am faced with the same predicament as my foreign clients. I have a long time expired passport with a travel that requires me to leave ASAP.

No balls Justin sings it best, “What goes around... Comes around...”


Anonymous said...

yes, i truly agree with the saying, minsan sobrang bilis pa bumalik hehe.

sana thru telephone ka na lang nag-apply :)

off topic: siguro sobra mong binilisan kaya ka nahulog hahahaha.

take care bro!

Raft3r said...

a simple life, Tried applying the normal process kaso di aabot yun ppt sa desired travel date na gusto ko. Kaya 2loy paspasan ang pag-asikaso. Ok din kasi I got to speak to the ppt director. Pumayag sya ng early release. Yahoo!!!

nev said...

Hi there,

I have linked you already..Hope you can do the same..

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Anonymous said...

Musta felt good to have that kind of power. Elvis Perkins???

Raft3r said...

retchel, Thanks 4 the visit. Welcome to The Deadbeat Club!

ar-dee-see, Hey! With great power, comes great responsibility. Hehe. Yeah, post title is an Elvis Perkins' song. You're amazing! It is also a hit Sandra Bullock movie.

Wendy said...

Uh-oh. Nakarma ka nga raft. But 2 am? Ang aga naman ng gising mo. Sabagay, hellish talaga pumunta sa DFA for passport applic/renewal sa sobrang dami ng tao and fixers!

Raft3r said...

wendy, Grabe talaga. Got there ng 3am. Dami na agad tao. Halos puno na ang basketball court/reception area nila.

Anonymous said...

ako din, may expired passport na hanggang ngayon di ko mahanapan ng time to renew. hay, sana di ako mahirapan. :(

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Ibig sabihin babalik sa akin yung mga pinag gagawa ko sa mga makukulit namin na re-entry?
Ayoko na dito besfriend!

Sarap naman travel! Pasalubong!

Miss yah!

pixie27 said...

saan ka magtravel?

Raft3r said...

salve, Use a travel agency na lang to avoid the long lines. Urgent lang talaga yun byahe ko kaya no choice, e.

bestfriend, Yes. Bilog ang mundo. Hehe

pixie27, Can't divulge pa, e. Pasensya na. Pero by Friday, I can finally announce it. Baka maudlot pa, e. =P

Anonymous said...

eto para sa'yo.. HAHAHA!
kasi naman.. but anyway, ma-mimiss kita!

Payperbiz said...

Too bad. Next time be more considerate kasi hehe:) Then again, you were just doing your job. I guess karma didn't see that.

Raft3r said...

CM, Pareho naman tayo aalis, e. Have fun on your trip!

sonnet's, Trust me. Ako na ang pinakamabait mag-process ng ppt. Hehe

Anonymous said...

its just there are times that instead of giving good service gusto mo, ikaw naman ang mapagbigyan....10 years of doing customer service work can just take its toll on you....babes

Raft3r said...

babes, Totoo yan. I have to admit the letter from the boss worked wonders. Hehe.