Saturday, June 21, 2008

Turning Japanese

Raft3r just learned the stopover for the next trip is Japan.

I always liked that country. Regardless of the ruthlessness their people did to my ancestors, Japan remains to be a dream destination.

By accident, I was able to have an extended stay in Narita a couple of years back. Raft3r is using the term accident in the strictest sense of the word.

This is what transpired.

I was on my way back to Manila. The plane I was on encountered some problems with turbulence.

At first, the flight became a little shaky. That was fine. Then we hit the big one. Jackpot! Raft3r practically jumped out of his seat because of the strong turbulence.

To calm the passengers, the pilot made an announcement that we were experiencing some minor turbulence and that we were making an emergency landing in Japan. That freaked people out more.

Upon arrival in Narita, passengers were escorted to a shuttle and headed off to Radisson Hotel.

While the airline tried to figure out what to do next, we were advised to spend an extra day in Japan.

Instead of calling home to advise the folks of the delayed flight, I headed off to a nearby bar and partied .

Man, was it a blast!


escape said...

hahaha... astig! party sa japan in an unexpected moment.

Raft3r said...

the dong, Greetings from the Land of the Rising Sun! Hehe

Anonymous said...

SUPER LUCKY ka talaga!
so, may naging chic ka ba dyan? hehe

Anonymous said...

was it blast?
-- parang katunog niya nakasulat sa luma kong pencil case: I love snack, i love eat. At yung Penguin doon sa case kulay dilaw.

Wendy said...

Itadakimasu! Wala lang, pinapractice ko lang ang fave Japanese word ko hehe. Mukhang mas party animal ka pa sa mga Hapon ha. Masarap ang Japanese chocolates!:)

Anonymous said...

stop-over in Japan? Ala ka bang na-meet na Geisha.(,")

Coriander Dreams said...

Would loovvve to go to Japan! :) Enjoy!!

Payperbiz said...

Sana sa Tokyo area na lang ang stopover so you could get a copy of Pinoy Gazette:)

Raft3r said...

CM, Kamusta na!!!

rs, Rhyme game na ire. Hehe

wendy, Naku. Pano yan di pa naman ako mahilig sa tsokolate. Hehe

jella, Wala ako time sa chicks. Karir muna. Naks. Nyahaha

coriander dreams, Ang mahal dito! Sobra!

sonnet's, Sayang. Baka libre pa naman ako sa office nyo. Hehe

Anonymous said...

WAHHHH flying freaks me out, but with the latest tragedy in sulpicio,even riding a boat gives me the chills. glad you're OK. got to spend 1 day in Japan, gotta love that. ehehehe

Raft3r said...

Vannie, Flying is the safest mode of transportation. Daw. Hehe.

E-Tavasi said...

Japan... wahhhh lucky you save Raft3r

"Gambate..!!" Raft3r.. some of the word from japan that i like to use ..

Troubled Soul.... said...

I hate turbulence so much. It's kinda freaky!

But you had an unexpected experience sir ah!


Payperbiz said...

Naman... Kapuso lang ang password:)

Anonymous said...

i used to travel a lot to tokyo, as in once a month and during xmas season halos every week. we bought goods then sell them here. kaso ngayon sobrang mahal na kaya we stopped. miss ko na ang food sobra, chahan, yakiniku, tempura soba.

blast talaga ang mga party dyan, buti na lang inenjoy mo ang stop over mo ;)

Raft3r said...

e-tavasi, Japan is pretty cool country.

mj, Puro na naman sir, ha. Hehe

sonnet's, Yes. Kapuso talaga!

liza, Panalo nga mga Hapon sa ganyang mga bagay-bagay!

Anonymous said...

yummy friend, saw your home-for-3-months on the net. enjoy ka diyan, i hope you wont get tired of it.

at nilagay mo pa tlaga room number mo sa comment mo sa akin ha.

left you an offline message in ym. i was drunk then kaya pasensya na sa content.

update mo na 'to please!!!

Raft3r said...

judie, Kung sobrang taas sana ng per diem enjoy talaga sobra. Hehe. Kaso hindi, e. =P

Anonymous said...

i stayed in japan for several months back in college. i loved the experience! i got to see mt. fuji on the way to school everyday. :D


Raft3r said...

salve, Sobrang cool don. Kaso naman ang mahal!

abie said...

aba ang saya...imbis na ma trauma, nag party pa...dapat di sinagot ng airlines ang hotel accomodation mo

Raft3r said...

abie, Nyahaha. Ang souvenir ko sa Japan ay isang lata ng Coca Cola. Hehe