Friday, December 19, 2008

Unsent/The Love Letter

Dear Ex #1,

They say one never forgets their first time. I can attest to that.
Our two week relationship was a testament on how commitment phobic I can get.

Dear Ex #2,

It was nice meeting you.

But breaking up with you was even better. Having a female stalker was a huge ego booster.

Dear Ex #3,

You were my soul mate. You accepted all my flaws. You were always there for me.

That freaked me out.

Dear Ex #4,

To this day, no one can top what you gave me for my birthday.

I apologize for dumping you right after that.

Dear Ex #5,

I felt like a dirty old man when I was dating you. I was in college. You were in high school.

Asking me to help you out with your homework was the last straw.

Dear Ex #6,

Our relationship was like a roller coaster. And everyone came along for the ride.

Dear Ex #7,

For once in my life, I can say I dated a model.

I can also claim I once went out with a bulimic.

Dear Ex #8,

We almost got hitched. You were the first girl I ever said “I love you” to.

I was smitten.

Thank God I finally came to my senses.

Dear Ex #9,

You were probably the nicest girl I have ever met.

You do not deserve me. I am sorry.

Dear Ex #10,

We always had fun. That was the trouble.

Dear Ex #11,

I never really loved you anyway.

Dear Ex #12,

Don’t worry.

I don’t kiss and tell.

Post script: Now who can say men have such lousy memory?


Anonymous said...

You're counting girlfriends, Raft3r!
Anyway, there is nothing new about your post; most men are really commitment phobic. :p

Btw, here's an article about Janet Jackson:,,20247909,00.html

Raft3r said...

len, Wow! Thanks for the link.

Beth said...

i'm so glad that I was always the one to break up with my exes! If one of them told me one of those lines, hayy...they really don't deserve me!!! hehehe...advanced merry Christmas!!!

Wendy said...

12 exes of Christmas ba ito?

I think I only knew one of them. Oops;D

Judayski said...

hmmm, i'd love to hear more about ex # 8. parang iba sya sa lahat. basta. =)

happy weekend, yummy friend!

pixie27 said...

grabe parang may na experience ako ng katulad ng sayo nung ex#5. may naging bf ako sya pa nagtuturo sa math ko nung HS LOL.

laieesha said...

Pretty long list there... Raft3r the freak! =D

So... thanks for a quick insight into a commitaphobe's mind. I've been lucky to not hear any of these from anyone. I'm the broker, not the brokee. Mind if I copy the idea for my next blog?? hehehe

Raft3r said...

elizabeth, Merry Christmas! Hehe

wendy, Nyahaha. May kakilala ka sa kanila?

judayski, #8? Sige, one of these days. Hehe

pixie27, Alam mo. Super cute yon. Sayang lang at sobrang bata. And yes, math din ang tinuro ko sa kanya. Hehe

laieesha, Hehe. Go ahead. Will be looking forward to that post.

Oman said...

#3, #6 and #9 worked for me lol.

Raft3r said...

lawstude, Glad madami nakaka-relate. Hehe

Anonymous said...

hmmm, iba-ibang kwento pero interesting nga si #8, tell us more :D

Visual Velocity said...

Oh. My. God.

Haba ng listahan ah. I'm assuming you broke 12 hearts all in all.


Wendy said...

Sa friendster profile mo dati, dun ko nabasa ang comment nya. She sounded smitten. Naks. Thought she looked familiar from her pic. I used to see her in school. I think she belonged to a lower batch so we were never in the same class.

Raft3r said...

liza, Hwag na. Baka lumaki pa ulo non. Hehe

andy briones, No hearts were broken. Nyahaha

wendy, Nyahaha. No comment. Ay mali. Eto na lang para mas controversial: ala-Karylle, mag-retarded smirk si Raft3r. Nyahaha

Anonymous said...

Sino nga dito yung mahal mo kaso ginagawa ka lang taxi driver?

Raft3r said...

jas, Naku. All of the above yata sagot dyan. Hehe

escape said...

ten is perfect for me! hehehe...

Raft3r said...

the dong, Hehe. 10 it is!

Anonymous said...

hay lab em, too! hahaha -- not short memories -- curt memories!

ako hindi ko na sila lahat maalala, kasi lahat sila tinakbuhan ko ng walang paalam, hahaha. may advantage din ang wala sa pinas, ahahay

Raft3r said...

kengkay, Bad girl. Heartbreaker. Hehe

The Scud said...

aba. nag-lista pa ng exes. i bet you blogged this when you were sick. haha. at di ba valentine's day post dapat ito? :-)

Anonymous said...

12 exes bestfriend!grabe!
hope you meet the right person soon!

Raft3r said...

the scud, I wrote this noong galit ako. Galit na galit. Hehe

bestfriend, Nyahaha. Salamat!

Anonymous said...

pwede ba kitang ilaglag dito? may mga kilala kasi ako sa kanila, eh. hehehe

Raft3r said...

pete, Naku. Sayang ang wish list mo, kung sakali. Hehe

Anonymous said...

are you sure about letting go of #9? that sounded sad... a tragedy for a hopeless romantic!! :d

Raft3r said...

mitzi, Wala eh. Ganon talaga ang buhay.

Anonymous said...

Ang dami mong ex's... kailan kaya hihinto ang bilangan.. haha

I already have you in my blog list.

I had a friend who used the nick raft3r before... he was from dumaguete..

Raft3r said...

elyong, Salamat. I have added you, too.

saM said...

ang daming naging gf...

Raft3r said...

sam, Hindi naman po. said...

LOL! ngayon ko lang nabasa 'to.

ikaw na... sana dinagdagdan mo pa yung listahan. nyhahaha.. piz.

Raft3r said..., Pustahan. Kalahati lang ito ng mga conquests mo. Hehe