Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Truth About Cats And Dogs

When I was a kid, a stray cat attacked my mom. She was scratched like crazy by the feline.

Retribution was in order.

No one hurts my mother and gets away with it. So a much younger and thinner Raft3r, armed with a baseball bat, went to the backyard in search of the cat.

I tried a swing at the pussy and it reacted violently. The bitch jumped straight to my face and scratched my eye.

Since then Raft3r consciously became a dog lover.

Ever since I could remember, my family always owned a dog. We currently have Oreo, a (mixed) Maltese and Freeway, a Pomeranian.

We used to have mongrels and champion breed golden retrievers. Sugar was my favorite. She was smart and sweet. We did everything together.

Raft3r doesn’t cry over heartbreaks. But when Sugar died, I cried buckets of tears.

I was a wreck.


The Scud said...

Dogs are the best pets. In high school we used to own one but he strayed away. We later learned he was killed and made "pulutan" by a family friend. It was my first heartbreak.

Raft3r said...

the scud, Tama ka dyan. Heartbreaking makakita ng asong pinapatay o namamatay.

Visual Velocity said...

When I was a kid, I saw our neighbor kill their dog. He had to whack the poor thing's head over and over, because it just wouldn't die.

Several hours later, he offered me food. It looked like beef, but it tasted different.

That was my first encounter with dog meat. I was duped into eating it.

Raft3r said...

andy briones, Dog killers deserve the death penalty.

laieesha said...

i've always had cats and dogs. even though i grew up with asthma, we still had cats (pinaglihi kasi ako sa pusa muahahaha)... fortunately, nawala si asthma, so up to this date, i still have cats and dogs.

i've had my shares of family pets that died and i've cried my eyes out, except for one.. when our dog - pomeranian mix - died a couple of years ago from old age (she was already 15 years old, had pneumonia, so they had to put her down), i didn't cry. i hated that cranky bitch! she didn't like me, so i didn't like her. my mom called in sick sa work coz she was so heartbroken and cried all day and night... not me though hahahha... i was on vacation in the philippines that time, so i didn't see her die.

Raft3r said...

laieesha, Nyahaha. Aliw talaga mga kwento mo. Hehe

laieesha said...

so do you hate cats now because of the bad encounter? did you finally get the cat with your bat? hahaha

Anonymous said...

oi rafter is dog lover pala! me too i like askal! because they are very Filipino, no arte just eat and eat...hehehe!
i uhaha-uha too because of a dog... she's Spot, she was killed in front of me. in return, i arf arf them...they, dog eaters, i hate them... arf arf!!!

btw, i miss our black labrador + sharpei dog = Chunky. the very first foreign dog landed in my hoshi world. she died last year, without consent.


Anonymous said...

i love dogs...nuod ka ng marley and me

Anonymous said...

ehem. speaking on behalf of the pusa population, hindi naman sila mahilig mang attack ng walang dahilan. unless may rabies siguro sila. kayo talagang mga dog lovers! hmp! anyway, the cato n your picture looks exactly as my Tabatino.

Anonymous said...

we have a dog too. lokii, a shih tzu, super sweet nya! we used to have a pomeranian too, she died of old age. super malulungkot ako pag si lokii nawala.

Wendy said...

Nakakawala ng stress ang dogs pag nangungulit and naglalambing. We have one at home - he's half mongrel and half Japanese spitz. Super kulit and hyper. Parang tao. Umuupo sa sofa and sa CR nagwiweewee pag gabi. Tsaka ayaw nyang magstay sa maruruming places. Sosyal di ba.

Big Eyed Gal said...

I miss Sugar!!! :(

Grace said...

I enjoyed reading this one, Raft3r. I am a dog lover, too. When I was still in the Philippines, we got 3 dogs and the one gave us 7 puppies. Oh how we just love and care for them every night and day. Here in US, we got 3 dogs, too.

escape said...

hahaha... we also used to own cats and dogs but not anymore. we just dont have enough time for them.

so you really are a dog lover or at least for that special dog.

Anonymous said...

kami dami naming alagang ligaw na pusa pero ayoko din sa kanila kasi kinakain nila ang ulam na nakahanda para sa akin e, waaa

Oman said...

Dog lover here too but my labrador died recently. I still have a japanese pits thou.

Anonymous said...

Hi Raft3r! You have been awarded. Please grab it here.


Raft3r said...

laieesha, Hindi. I love pussy. Hehe

hitokirihoshi_kawaii, Nyahaha. Natawa ako dito. Akala ko si Marian Rivera ang nagcomment, eh. Hehe

bestfriend, Wow. Free advertising, ah. Hehe

prinsesamusang, Peace tayo!

liza, Sobrang nakakalungkot ano? Isipin pa lang. Hay. Salamat bigay mo, ha!

wendy, Big stress reliever talaga!

big eyed gal, Lagi ko nga sya naaalala dahil sa picture nyong magkasama, eh.

hi! i'm grace, Dog lovers are awesome!

the dong, Hehe. Paano naman kasi lagi kang nasa galaan. Nyahaha

kengkay, Pagkain lang pala ang katapat. Hehe

lawstude, Labs have the most handsome faces sa mga aso. We had 2 labs dati. Sobrang pogi! Hehe

Anonymous said...

Are you back?

Raft3r said...

pete, I'm back. Hehe

Anonymous said...

'Di talaga na-post iyong unang comment ko.

There's really something endearing about dogs. I even saw on television that there are dog owners who celebrate their pet's birthday by giving a party.

Raft3r said...

len, Ganon din pamilya ko. Pati aso may birthday. Hehe