Wednesday, April 8, 2009

40 Days And 40 Nights

When I was little, Holy Week only meant one thing: boredom.

You are stuck at home with almost nothing to do.

Nothing good is on TV, unless you consider a marathon of 7th Heaven and religious movies starring Matt Ranillo III as pure bliss.

Raft3r’s family is Catholic. The rest of the clan is Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ).

My cousins would often tease me that I would burn in hell for being different. I told them it didn’t matter. I had air conditioning.

As Raft3r grew older, the significance of Holy Week became more apparent.

While my cousins head to the beach on Black Friday, my little family spends the day in church.

I am, in no way, a religious freak. But I do believe in God.

Here is why:

Raft3r was in fifth grade. Because of a long break in school, we were assigned a book to read with a corresponding report to match.

A day before class, I haven’t even started reading.

It was Sunday night and I was in deep shit. Mom refused to help me out. She wanted to teach me a lesson. After all, I had a week to do the report.

Raft3r browsed through the book and thought it was mission impossible. I couldn’t read it in one sitting.

So, I made a deal with God.

I prayed with all my might and asked for a miracle. I begged The Big Man Above to give me enough time to do my report.

Raft3r woke up the next day to a surprising development.

My nanny said school has been cancelled because of rain. Raft3r was ecstatic! Indeed, it was a miracle from God.

I went through my day playing and only read half of the book.

The next day, Raft3r submitted an incomplete project.

My teacher had that disapproving look on her face when I turned in my assignment.

Raft3r disappointed God, as well.

And that wouldn't be the last time.


Grace said...

Oh raft3r, I know you learn from the lesson that God is trying to express... but living it is a different story.

Raft3r said...

hi! i'm grace, Tama ka dyan! Hehe

Visual Velocity said...

"Nothing good is on TV, unless you consider a marathon of 7th Heaven and religious movies starring Matt Ranillo III as pure bliss."

-> Nag-artista na rin ata yung anak ni Matt Ranillo. May napanood akong indie film lately, Paupahan title, andun si Krista Ranillo. Starlet na gustong sumikat yung role niya dun sa pelikula. Ehehe. :p

HalfCrazy said...

Haha, that was a good little story! Nowadays it's just up to the person whether he wants to meditate or something. I choose not to do anything but I will totally remain silent and well, solemn for the rest of the week, just respecting my neighbors.

But I honestly want to blast some dance music right now LOL.

Nakakatuwa rin naman mga palabas sa TV minsan ah. Peyborit ko yung Himala ni Ate Guy. Ewan ko ba haha!

eden said...

I admit that i was a religious person during my times in the Phi but here, I have changed, Easter Season is a holiday time and now we are about to hit the road..hehehe.

Raft3r said...

andy briones, Bakit ba ang daming starlets sa Pinas? Hehe

halfcrazy, Everyone has their own little miracles to tell.

eden, Yeah. Party on!

Wendy said...

Raft, nakakarelate ako sa katamaran mo. LOL

Raft3r said...

wendy, Relatable naman lahat ng experiences ko eh. Hehe

Judayski said...

hello, raft3r. can i be your friend? nice story!

hay yummy seems we both have not gone elsewhere for holy week. tapos na ba contemplation mo? =)

Raft3r said...

judayski, Hardly. I'm in hell. Hehe

God said...

Gusto mo pa palitan si M.Ranillo? Serious question.

Raft3r said...

God, Please stop freaking me out.

liza said...

I also grew up spending Holy Week like your family did. Lalo na when "the oldies" were still alive, naku kahit music bawal!

Alam mo super nakakarelate ako dyan sa book report story. Nangyari rin sa kin yan pero hindi book report, exams! Pero mas mabait ako sa yo, kasi nung pinabagyo ni God that day, nag-aral na ko mabuti, hehe.

Happy Easter bro!

laieesha said...

Holy week na nga pala... I don't even feel it. Di masyado uso dito yung puro religious movies on almost every channel pag holy week.

Lagot ka, you disappointed God. hehehe... ingatz u sa Good Friday ha?

Raft3r said...

liza, Old school talaga familiy ni Raft3r. hehe

laieesha, At least dyan maganda ang cable tv. Dito ang pangit. Sobra. Hehe

len said...

We almost have the same post.
My family used to observe a lot of religious traditions during Holy Week. After my lola died, naglaho na unti-unti kaya nakaka-miss din.

Holy Week is reminder that God loves us unconditionally. He gave His son to save us.

Have a meaningful and blessed Holy Week, Raft3r. :p

Raft3r said...

len, Well said. Iba talaga pag ikaw ang humirit. Hehe

bisaja said...

Kaya laking pasalamat ko nang dumating ang cable tv service sa bukid namin.

Raft3r said...

bisaja, Nyahaha. Amen!

pete said...

kakaiba ka talaga, oo!

Raft3r said...

pete, Cheers! Hehe

pete said...

patapos na ang holy week mag friday's na tayo!

Raft3r said...

pete, Bukas gusto mo? Todo isda at veggies lang kami, eh. Gusto kona ng karne! Hehe

Anonymous said...

That was inspiring. WEll, God would accept you no matter how sinful you are. Whos not sinful, btw? With God , you dont have a reason to be miserable .Really. --charis

Raft3r said...

charis, Welcome to The Deadbeat Club!

God said...

Tinanong ko lang naman kasi matanda na siya.

Raft3r said...

god, I'm flattered as hell you have time to comment on my blog. Hehe