Monday, February 4, 2008

The Cure

Probably one of the greatest inventions of mankind is movie making.

There is something to be said about going inside a dark place to watch other people’s lives unfold. Voyeurism is such a thrill.

My favorite move of all time is The Cure.

It’s a small Hollywood movie that was released in the mid nineties. It’s a heartwarming coming of age story.

It starred the late Brad Renfro and that kid from Jurassic Park.

Renfro also starred in The Client. Despite his young age, Renfro was such a sensitive actor. 

It’s too bad that a life of violence, alcohol, and drugs took the better of him.

Life offers us choices. But it’s always a gamble. You win some and you lose some.

For many of us, we go through life choosing the wrong path and trying to make amends in the process.

In Renfro’s case, it was way too late to make one. He was 25 years old.


Big Eyed Gal said...

Oh my gosh!! That's also one of my favorite movies!!!! Super iyak ako talaga lalo na dun sa ending... yung iniwan nya yung isang shoe nya. Waaa!

Wala pala akong DVD or VCD nyan! Meron ka?

Raft3r said...

big_eyed_gal, Meron ako in all formats. Laserdisc, vhs, dvd. Paborito, e. =) Nanay ko iniyakan ng todo ang pelikulang ire. Fave scene ko ay yun after the kid died, yun nanay at si Renfro pauwi na at nasa kotse. Bigla nag stop ang traffic light, tapos biglang may tumawid na mag-ina. That really hit the spot. Hehe.

Big Eyed Gal said...

Borrow ako!!!! :-D

Raft3r said...

big_eyed_gal, Of course! What format? Hehe

Big Eyed Gal said...

Hmmm.... DVD na lang... Parang sira na VHS player namin plus nawawala na yung rewinder namin. Hahahaha! Bigay mo saken pag treat mo saken ng dinner and coffee... mwehehe!

Raft3r said...

big_eyed_gal, I'll give you the VHS tape instead. Hehe.

John Ahmer said...

di ko pa napanood 'to, madownload nga'
nag backreading ako. la magawa sa opis. haha
it has been decided to publish my n.w. every two months, kaya dami petiks mode. : D
now i have the time to read old blog post from my google reader. hehe nasa hundreds pa babasahin ko.

mots said...

haha nakita ka na. :)

love this film too. mgiyak-ngiyak pa. have you seen simon birch? nandun din si jurassic park boy joseph.

Raft3r said...

wait, Nyahaha. Ngayon ko lang nabasa ito. Hehe

mots, Great film indeed.