Thursday, May 1, 2008

Leaving On A Jet Plane

May is Raft3r’s birth month.

Although I don’t really celebrate my birthday, this is the first time I will be spending it all by myself. It’s pretty lonely, huh? I can sure use a warm hug right now.

While my family, friends, and loved one are all safely nestled in Manila, I will be in the capital of The Marshall Islands practicing my survival skills.

By the time you read this post, I am probably strapped down to a seat in Continental Micronesia Flight # CO 934. I love plane rides. Flight attendants are HOT!

I packed so hurriedly. I’m pretty sure I missed out on some essentials. However, I do recall stocking up on boxers in my red Benetton trolley.

Traveling to unheard of destinations can be quite a thrill. I’m not sure what awaits me in this trip. But one thing I do know is that great things come from unexpected happenings.

Post script: I plan on taping my audition tape for Survivor Philippines in Majuro. If that doesn’t catch the show’s producers, I don’t know what else will.


Wendy said...

Advanced happy birthday raft3r. Don't worry, I'm sure pagbalik mo marami pa ring magpapalibre sa yo;)

I like your new blog skin, btw. Have a great time in Majuro!

pixie27 said...

nasilaw ako sa site mo...maliwanag ang dating...puting puti hehehe....akala ko napunta ako sa ibang website eh. Advance Happy Birthday!...

Raft3r said...

wendy, Salamat! Walang roaming sa Majuro! Ang saya! D2 ko Guam airport.

pixie27, Yes, Mr. Clean na tayo! Hehe. It's 5am here in Guam. Flight to Majuro is 8am. Dating ako don 7pm! Tagal diba!

Anonymous said...

Bestfriend, sana nagdala ka din ng maraming board shorts. Tama ba medyo summery ang weather dyan?

One good thing na nakikita ko sa trip mo is magkakaroon ka na ng fans and stalkers from Majuro! Astig!

Galingan mo sa training!

Ingat lagi!

♥SomethingPurple♥ said...

at anong ginagawa mo sa guam ha? sus kung alam ko lang may kakatagpuin ka dyan LOL!

advance happy birthday! bisous! mwah!

Payperbiz said...

Take it easy, there's always a first for everything. Who knows? Your birthday in Majuro might turn out to be the best that you ever had. Smile:)

Princess Vien said...

advance happy birthday raft3r.. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthMonth! John Denver! Take yourself out to Iron Man...

Raft3r said...

bestfriend, Yes, mukhang sisikat nga tayo dito. Promising career. Nyahaha

somethingpurple, Tama ka! Pero sa Majuro ang tagpuan namin. Hehe

sonnet's, We'll see... Malay natin!

princess vien, Salamat! Gift ko? Nyahaha

ar-dee-see, No Iron Man here. But Nim's Island is showing! =)

Anonymous said...

nagulat ako, ah. nagbagong-bihis bigla ang deadbeat club!

oi, malapit na yata ang audition for survivor philippines!

Raft3r said...

salve, Yes. Bagong buwan, bagong anyo. Hehe