Thursday, May 15, 2008

Teenage Love Affair

A family member and his girlfriend just broke up.

Raft3r was sent an email detailing how the event unfolded.

Getting your heart broken can be tough. But I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the estranged couple’s individual Friendster accounts.

Boy’s current relationship status says “It’s complicated.” Girl’s “Single.”

Boy’s shout out goes a little something like this, “Every happy couple has at least one breakup between them.” Girl’s “Breaking someone’s heart is damn right painful but it will hurt even more when you still hold on to a relationship that is full of pretensions.” Ah, young love and all its trivialities.

It’s obvious who dumped who and who can’t seem to let go.

Dude, snap out off it!


Anonymous said...

my dear.. baka ikaw yan ha =)
hahanapin ko nga sa shoutout sa prendster mo..hehe =)

Raft3r said...

CM, Nyahaha. Trust me. I'm not that sappy. Hehe

Anonymous said...

oh come on! haha!
fly here soon!

Raft3r said...

CM, Pag tapos, tapos! Nyahaha

abie said...

uy wawa naman si baby must be love

Raft3r said...

abie, Lasing. Gabi-gabi. Hehe

Payperbiz said...

don't underestimate young love kapatid, sometimes it even triggers one to commit suicide.

Anonymous said...

Whats up wit the females handing out the damage lately? Well at least from my end of the universe, dats been the story. Is that Ms. Keys???

Anonymous said...

Lahat naman tayo dumaan sa ganyan, pero later in life pagtatawanan mo na lang.

Bili ka na Maxim, si Angel ang cover.

Big Eyed Gal said...

Grabe for sure if we had friendster back then eh ganyan din mga shoutouts mo noh! Hehehe! I'm sure ako ganyan din. LOL! Aminin! Isa ata ako sa pioneer ng EMO non. Bwahahaha!

By the way, I have a tag for you in my other blog (na di mo pa ina-add sa blogroll mo! LOL)

Gawin mo madami kang makukuhang inspiration. :-)

Anonymous said...


(Yeah, it's late. I'm so sorry.)

Raft3r said...

sonnet's, Natakot naman ako don. He does have suicidal tendecies, though. Hala.

ar-dee-see, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn.

bestfriend, I don't do starlets.

big_eyed-gal, I know! WIll add it sa weekend pagbalik ko ng Manila! I love you.

ganns, Where's my gift?

Anonymous said...

ahahahah young love. i remember when i was young & in love..

kahit young love un, its still love. they will learn from it.

Raft3r said...

vannie, Hehe. Young love, sweet love.