Thursday, May 8, 2008

Say It Right

Iokwe! (Welcome!)

Learning a new language is always a challenge.

Folks in The Marshall Islands speak English. But the elders don’t. The local dialect is Marshallese.

Here are a few essential words and phrases that would help you better get along with the populace:

pia (beer)
wia (buy)
etal (go away)
jete onean (how much)
edik onean (cheap)
elap onean (expensive)
etam (What’s your name?)
eta in Raft3r (I am Raft3r)
kwe likatu (you’re hot)
na lakatu (I’m hot).

E iien in kakkije. (It’s time for a break.) Happy weekend, guys! Jeramman. (Enjoy.)


Payperbiz said...

How do you say "I'm late" in marshallese?

Anonymous said...

grabe besfren wala akong masabe sau...talaga lang nagpapakabibo ka jan hah....cge, enjoy....muah..nakaroaming kba? nagtxt me sau ei....

Wendy said...

E iien in kakkije - parang mahirap atang ipronounce to ng direcho. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...


Tribung tribu ang dating.


Au revoir et salut!

Anonymous said...

very good. long live those who learn languages.

Raft3r said...

sonnet's, Wait. Lemme find that out. Hehe

besfren, You're alive!!! Super miss na kita. How was mother's day? Nanganak ka na ba? There is NO roaming here.

wendy, Yes. Matigas pa naman ang dila ko. Hehe

bestfriend, Sayang. Kung nandito ka, ikaw ang reyna ng tirbu namin! Hehe

jas, Tama. Mabuhay ang mga walang ginagawa. Hehe

pixie27 said...

kakaiba wala ako masabi dito hahahaha

Raft3r said...

pixie27, Ganyan talaga pag wala magawa. Hehe