Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good Morning Baltimore

Here are a few fun facts of the city I will call home for the next three months.


1. According to the FBI, Baltimore was the Most Crime Violent of the 25 largest US cities in early 2000.

2. Based on a CDC Surveillance Report, Baltimore ranked second in the US for reported AIDS cases.

3. Baltimore has been assessed by an NGO as the third Most Kid Unfriendly City in the country.

4. The Baltimore Sun reported one of every eight Baltimore residents is a drug addict.

5. Mayor O’Malley proclaimed Baltimore as the Juvenile Murder Capital of America in 2002.

6. Baltimore, as stated in the Baltimore Sun, is the Heroin Capital of the country.

Post script: A shout out to Grantorino is in order.


Wendy said...

Wow raft, Baltimore is such a safe city. Hehehe...parang exciting dun ha. I'm certain you'll have no trouble fitting in there.

Raft3r said...

wendy, Maybe Baltimore is just like Mali Bay. Yakang-yaka, kung ganon. hehe

E-Tavasi said...

Wahh Raft3r... this is nice home to live hehehe :D... but looks dangerous after you write this 6 info hehehe...

Anonymous said...

Babe Ruth and Edgar Allan Poe : Baltimore's native sons.

Baltimore is home to the Orioles and the Ravens.

Ba't sa Baltimore ka ba pinapupunta?

Raft3r said...

e-tavasi, It makes 4 a good adventure! Hehe

anonymous, Nandon kasi yun main office namin, e. Thanks 4 the helpful info.

Anonymous said...

uy, trying to condition yourself for the worst para surprise, surprise! ang super good things na andon!!!

may hooters din dun yummy friend. pwede mo i-compare si gretchen sa mga andun.

im sure you'll have a blast. after your stint, pwede na kita yayain to watch hairspray sa broadway.

Anonymous said...

exciting pala yan!

Payperbiz said...

Are you still going? hehehe:) Keep safe, kapatid!

Anonymous said...

Denoy, focus on what's good with Baltimore. Everything bad you mentioned about the place is the same thing as what's happening here. (,") In any case, just stay safe, ok? Ingat, may you arrive there safely on Sunday.

Nanaybelen said...

Nakakatakot naman ung Baltimore na yan.Doble ingat ka na lang.

Anonymous said...

what a city that is. well.. take care of yourself and be safe. :P

all the best!

Troubled Soul.... said...

Sir Dennis
ok lang yun,
at least US yun.
Galing mo talaga sir.

Sorry Sir Dennis
kung may Sir pa rin,
di kasi ako sanay to call
you by your name. Hehehe

Mommy Lutchi said...

hopping and checking

abie said...

dude, nakakatakot naman ata sa baltimore...hehehe...pero sabi mo nga parang malibay lang so sanay ka na...

ma miss ka namin...hehehe

Raft3r said...

yummy friend, Hooters! Yahoo!

CM, Sunod ka!

sonnet's, Tuloy ang ligaya! Hehe

jella, Salamat. Masaya ito!

belen, Sila mag-ingat sakin. Hehe

tina, The best ang Baltimore! Hehe

mj, One more sir at tanggal ka na dito. Hehe. Salamat!

luchi, Thanks 4 dropping by!

abie, Mabuhay ang Mali Bay!

escape said...

The Baltimore Sun reported one of every eight Baltimore residents is a drug addict>>> meron palang ganyan dyan? kakatakot naman.

good luck sa bago mong assignment.

Raft3r said...

the dong, Yes. Mabuhay ang mga adik! Hehe

Anonymous said...

good luck raft3r, i hope you'll have a great time in Baltimore.

happy weekend ;)

ADMIN said...

they make it sound so scary pero actually di naman tlaaga hahaha mas nakakatakot pa rin sa malibay LOL!

Anonymous said...

I know this won't apply to you.

But just read info:

In a Teasley study, 3rd on the list of US cities having the best ratio of rich single men to women:

Baltimore tied with Washington DC

Di kaya druglords yun or mobsters?

Raft3r said...

liza, Salamat! I fly out tomorrow.

mind bubbles, Mali Bay rocks!

anonymous, Who cares. Basta mayaman! Hehr

Anonymous said...

so I guess lam mo na HINDI mo gagawin sa Marlyand ano?

Raft3r said...

jas, Naku. Walang bawal-bawal sakin. Hehe

Anonymous said...

Baltimore sounds like the safest place to be. Hardeharhar!

Don't worry, may panlaban diyan. It's called I-N-G-A-T!


Anonymous said...

Did you know that Michael Phelps is a Baltimore native? One more famous athlete to be proud of.

Raft3r said...

brainteaser, And I survived it! Hehe

anonymous, I know. Yun homecoming nya ay ang pag-alis ko naman don. Sayang!