Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Serve The Ego

We just hit the 300 mark!

That’s more than 300 hits for The Deadbeat Club in less than a month.

Congratulations to all of us! Not that numbers matter. Just the thought of people being interested in your work is a reward in itself.

Never thought blogging could be this enjoyable. 

Every night, I look forward to visiting my blog and reading all your comments. Text messages from friends, who refuse to post their comments online, are also fun to receive. 

Thank you, guys. I have the coolest readers on the web!

It means a lot that most of you can relate to the stuff I write about, regardless of how silly my stories can be sometimes. 

I take pride in the fact you spend time going through my blog. I can just hope that The Deadbeat Club makes it worth your while.

Maybe I should start giving away prizes or something. That’s brilliant, right?

I also received a lot of flak about my gigantic picture. Blame it on me. I don’t have any decent computer skills, to begin with. Remember, this comes from a guy who only bought a laptop so he can have his own iTunes library.

Raft3r has more funny stories to tell, more interesting anecdotes to share, and more secrets to reveal. 

I’m in this for the long haul. Hope you are, too.


Wendy said...

Hi raft3r! It's always fun to read your blog entries. Congrats sa 300 hits. Anyway, I thought you deliberately placed a giant photo of yourself here just for kicks. Glad it's gone now. Ha-ha-ha. You're cute in the pic but it was distracting.*wink*

Raft3r said...

wendy, I know. Hehe. Leave a message sa "The Best Things In Life Are Free" to qualify for the Friday's promo! You should blog more. Aliw kaya mga kwento mo!

Wendy said...

I joined na. First time ko sumali sa contest this year so good luck to me. Ay naku, ewan ko ba...tamad ko magblog these days. Blogger's block all year round yata 'to.

Raft3r said...

wendy, Katams lang yan. Hehe. Nabasa ko older posts mo, nakakatuwa talaga. I particularly enjoyed yun blog mo about anger management. Panalo!

Anonymous said...

i love reading blogs and i particularly love reading yours :)

Anonymous said...

You slimy slimy man! You're employing every tactic in the how-to-get-people-to-love-your-blog workbook, and it's disgusting.


Anonymous said...

You said "Speak your Mind" on the article "Serve the Ego"

There are lot of things going to my mind right now and its all about sex and sleep, sex and sleep, sex and sleep, oh yes there's the other one, sleep and sex, sleep and sex. I hate WORKING!!!!!

-from your anonymous friend

Anonymous said...

Speak my mind.... but what is there to say??? nothing's on my mind, coz there's some little throbbing in the section around my right eye... huhuhu... when you said 'on' the article serve the ego, did you mean as a place to post somethin in or 'about' the article... hahaha, kaya sumasakit ulo ko eh, i think sometimes i just think too much i guess... haha, okay, while this looks like spamming it isn't. am joining the contest :) heheh... galing dennis, sipag mong talgang 'buhayin' itong blog mo :) i think that's the description i should've entered under 'the best things...'... the Deadbeat Club is ALIVE! SO ALIVE! super interactive :) just keep it coming!

abie said...

wow, sikat na talaga, 300 hits in less than 1 month. Keep up the good work dude...

Anonymous said...

So you got a laptop 4 iTunes....
You get the iphone? btw apple is doubling the capacity of the Iphone to 16 GBs I think. You should make a post on your 600th hit. Does 600 belong to a song or movie..... lol... so much for a 600 post!

Raft3r said...

donna, Sana di yan bola, ha. Hehe. Salamat. It means a lot.

ganns, Syempre. I learn from the best. At ikaw yon! Nyahaha

anonymous, Your posts are naughty as always. Panalo! Thanks.

chicoi, Thanks for the encouragement. Blog ka na din kasi. ;)

abie, Sikat? Bakit di ko pa ramdam! Hehe

ar-dee-see, I think I know who you are now. => It's always a hassle to borrow someone else's computer just to update my iTouch. So I decided to buy my own. Hehe. 600? Now, I'm pressured!

John Ahmer said...

where's my reward? : D

Raft3r said...

wait, You are 2 years late. Hehe