Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's Beginning To Get To Me

An anime convention was held in Baltimore a couple of weeks back.

On the streets, you would find teenagers wearing costumes of their favorite characters. Most of them were dressed to shock.

The inner geek in me shrieked in delight.

Some of the participants stayed in Raft3r’s hotel. I did some investigation. The convention was a mere three blocks away from our place.

I scored a free invite from one of the hotel guests.

The trade show booths were out of this world. Bright and colorful, they truly catch the attention of convention goers. You just had to stop by every booth to appreciate the art works. They were visual eye candies. Even the table skirts were very creative.

The animated banner stands showed the different characters being hawked by merchandisers. This is every anime lover’s dreamland.

Nerds have finally found their heaven.

Raft3r is not even a fan but I got into the whole anime thing with all the things I saw there. It’s that good.

Appleseed’s Pipe and Drape tops them all. It was off the hook. Everything about their presentation was totally awesome. The graphics were excellent. The Bioroids rock!

Raft3r left the convention with a better appreciation of anime and its huge fan base. 

They aren't just a bunch of weirdos. I am now one of them.


Anonymous said...

the anime fever has taken the world by storm talaga. madaming anime na ang ganda ng story. nakakabilib din ang tiyaga ng mga animators at illustrators. :D

Raft3r said...

salve, Yeah. Hats off to 'em.

Payperbiz said...

You should see the anime cosplay here, grabe din:)

Wendy said...

Nakaatend ako once ng anime convention. Aliw! Kinacareer talaga ng mga bata ang cosplay. Sayang at di ko kapanahunan. I would want to dress like that girl in Deathnote hehehe.

Raft3r said...

sonnet's, I will look that up. Thanks sa tip!

wendy, Nyahaha. D2 mas kinarir talaga. Todo!

Anonymous said...

hey!! when did you go? i wanted to see pa naman din! i love anime stuff..well, the 80s anime mostly...ig

Raft3r said...

ig, I think you were with papa at that time. Hehe

Anonymous said...

aba-aba si raft3r anime fanatic na rin. yahooo!

sa Pinas meron din niyan, um-attend din me before. yung mga cosplay ang cool... type ko lagi mag-try dun sa dubbing session. ako lagi yung tiger..grrr..hehehe

Raft3r said...

hitokirihoshi_kawaii, Masubukan lang. Hehe

Anonymous said...

well, i could have ditch him to go with you! hahahaha!!...ig

Raft3r said...

ig, Sa Manila daw meron. Punta tayo! Go Voltron! Hehe