Monday, December 17, 2012


Tina's the first blogger I met in person.

Raft3r's not a big fan of meetups but my encounter with Tina has changed all that. She was simply charming.

In fact, a wonderful friendship has flourished due to that meeting in Davao. 

Also, Tina's a fighter and a dreamer. A rare combo. And that's what I really love about her.


When Denoy asked me to guest blog here in Malibay, which to my dismay would say bye bye sometime this January (he says and I hope won't really happen!). I was honored but at the same time sad because I've been a follower of his blog for years back (although, I don't comment as often as I do before).

Complete opposites, Denoy is known as someone who comes up with good conversation openers on his blog which usually contains a few lines or a paragraph or some list while, I on the other hand loves to write like an essay. I am bemused how Denoy can actually spend time (or skip some lines, which I read somewhere on his blog) reading what I actually post. Hehe.

Even now, this is just an introduction and it took me a couple of words.. to get to the point, which is a simple story about: Meeting Denoy!!

I actually got the chance to hang out with Denoy back in 2010, here in my hometown, Davao. He texted something, asking about a good place to eat during his stay.... and Davao is famed for it's cheap and yummy restaurants (some of them in unusual places). And he was game enough to try the places I suggested.

For some reason he cannot leave his hotel that time, so I met up with him and his 2 colleagues and I tagged along 2 of my friends too! It was a happy bunch. We got into a good get-to-know light conversations right away!

I find Denoy warm and friendly! and we'd often talk about Musang (PM!!), whom I did not get to meet pa, but we often find ourselves texting, messages over at FB and of course commenting on each other's blog posts. Siguro one day, we'd arrange a meet-up point somewhere in Pinas noh? Right, PM and Denoy? :)

Anyway, the next day, before leaving, they hit off Magsaysay Park where you can find all sorts of fruits, and his colleagues tried almost everything..... and I know Denoy did not get to eat Marang and keeps insisting how icky it looks like!!! *hint hint*

Well, that's all for now, I know Denoy suggested for me to talk about angels... love and miracles... but, I feel.... this is something... I need to share.

Being a friend of Denoy... and hanging out with him. I'm blessed to have him as a friend.  

But, I still have to make him eat marang though, when he's back in town...... maybe during Kadayawan? :P

Love, laughter and magical kisses, 


P.S. Thanks for allowing me to leave a mark on your famed blog Denoy! =) Honored & giddy.


gillboard said...

what is marang?

Raft3r said...

gillboard, Parang Durian. Hehe

fiel-kun said...

Aww nakakatuwa naman si Miss Tina :)

Raft3r said...

fiel-kun, Yeah. She's awesome!

Archieviner VersionX said...

Sarap siguro maging friend ni Ms. Tina. Nakakatuwa sya :)

Raft3r said...

archieviner, Yup. She's a great friend!

pete said...

kelan ito

Raft3r said...

pete, Why? 09-10 siguro.

Anonymous said...

kung sumama ako eh di wala na kayong napagusapan nyahaha

Raft3r said...

prinsesamusang, Nyahaha. Feeling, ah.

Anonymous said...


Raft3r said...

anonymous, Nyahaha. Ganon ba?

eden said...

Di ko pa natikman yong marang..

Raft3r said...

eden, Feeling ko di malaking kawalan sakin yan. Hehe