Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Promises, Promises

Keep it short and simple, I say.

Ahmer does it quick and painless.

His posts are short just like Raft3r's. But unlike the latter, Ahmer's blog posts are thought provoking and profound.

Now that's something I never aspired for in my almost 5 years of blogging.


promises are meant to be broken -not this time.

I cannot turn down someone like Raft3r whom I admire most


his blog serve on it full of value content but short.

The Deadbeat Club is synonymous with sarcasm.

his admiration seems more likely loyalty than an obsession.

Raft3r has a mean streak, barely entertaining.

his witty remarks kept me awake and smiling.

for his approach to life and his positive outlook.

he is always in love.

plus, we have 3 things in common:

sexy killer smile,
good-looking handsome guy,
above all we both have a bubble butt.




gillboard said...

hula ko ito favorite post mo.


Raft3r said...

gillboard, I don't play favorites. Ako pa! Hehe

fiel-kun said...

Sir Denoy, talagang na build up ang character mo sa post ni Ahmer ah :D

Tagal na rin pa lang inactive ni pareng Ahmer sa blogging.

Raft3r said...

fiel-kun, Puro bola ba? Nyahaha

ahmer said...

Thanks! =)

Raft3r said...

ahmer, Hindi. Ako nga dapat magpasalamat sayo, eh! Hehe

pete said...

sarcastic yata siya

Raft3r said...

pete, Nyahaha. Hindi kaya. He's very sincere. Hehe

atticus said...

i think someone forgot another trait: HUMBLE


kayo talaga.

Raft3r said...

atticus, Nyahaha. Humble, yes. Tama ba spelling ko? Hehe

Anonymous said...

is this a case of honesty is the worst policy? HAHA

Raft3r said...

prinsesamusang, Nyahaha. Baka magalit sayo ang guest blogger nyan. Hehe

John Ahmer said...

di ata sila agree sa mga sinabi ko sayo.
walang halo biro ito but i might be wrong. lols

Raft3r said...

ahmer, They are called haters. Nyahaha

Raft3r said...

anonymous, Yes. Cute talaga si Raft3r. Hehe

eden said...

your blog serve on it full of value content but short---> I agree at di boring..hehehe

Raft3r said...

eden, Hehe. Salamat!

hitokirihoshi jr said...

bubble butt daw,

sino kaya ang mas astig? hahahaha!