Friday, February 29, 2008

Together Again

Wifey's back!

Raft3r just purchased Janet Jackson’s new CD, Discipline.

I’m so stoked!

I was like a kid in a candy store! I have been waiting for this like crazy.

Still hurting from disappointing album sales since her nipple exposing performance in 2004’s Super Bowl Half Time Show, Discipline is aimed to put her back on top.

MTV, who ironically crowned Janet as their first Icon, banned her and refused to play all her videos since the wardrobe malfunction.

Even US radio, stopped playing her songs.

Justin Timberlake, the coward who tore off her costume, survived the scandal without a scratch.

He went on to host several MTV events, gained some street cred and sold millions of records.

Janet, an African American female artist, was singled out as the perpetrator.

I am not alone in saying that her gender and race were contributing factors to this fallout.

America is still harsh and less forgiving to minorities. 

For instance, Madonna has definitely done worse and yet she is still TRL material. Being white certainly has its privileges.

Four years later, MTV is kissing Janet’s ass.

They are definitely making amends. They are now promoting my wife’s new material. She has recently appeared on TRL. 

The video for her new single Feedback is on heavy rotation. Janet is currently MTV’s Artist of the Week.

With more than 100,000,000 albums sold worldwide, Janet is one of the top selling artists of all time.

You can never put a good woman down.


Raft3r said...

Someone just featured Raft3r's Together Again post! =) Here's the link:

abie said...

bitter ka ba dude?...hehehe...cge, cge orderin na natin ang DVD nya...kulitin mo si howell at isasabay daw nya order nya...hehehe

Anonymous said...

naks sikat na talga :) she shouldn've named you hindi 'unknown' lang... hehe :)

Raft3r said...

abie, Wow! Nag-comment. Teka, hindi naman eto blog ni _____, ah. Hehe. Sige na. Salamat! Di na ako tampo sayo. Love na kita uli. =P

mitzi, Yun nga lang. Unknown ako. Hehe. Pero nakakataba pa rin ng puso ang ginawa nya. =) Thanks for dropping by!

Big Eyed Gal said...

Did you see her sa Ellen kagabi? Ang wifey mo eh may dating pa talaga pag sumayaw... hehe! :-D

Ako ba ang pinag-uusapan nyo?! Hahaha!

abie said...


patulan mo to. Pampataas din to ng rank mo, ok?

Anonymous said...

ang babaeng ikinagulat ko pa nung binanggit mo nung CLD 2007 na wife mo...she's back. love her new single.

narealize ko marami pala akong kanta ni wifey mo kay Sophie. bumabalik ang alaala ng kabataan ko. hehe.

Raft3r said...

big_eyed_gal, Kagabi na yon? =< Hay. Oo, ikaw ang fave blog ni Abie. Kaya galit ako sa galit sa kanya. Sakin, di nga dumadalaw yan, e. Nyahaha

abie, Pag-isipan ko muna. Hindi pa humuhupa ang galit ko, e. Hehe

yummy friend, She's back! I saw your iTunes. Napangiti nga ako sa nakita ko, e. Sana lang bumenta ang CD nya. Hehe.

Big Eyed Gal said...

Hahaha! Sira ka tlga... :-D

Raft3r said...

big_eyed_gal, Kelan na ang party!!!